January Book List

I think most people who enjoy writing love to read, and I am certainly no exception to that rule. I read a lot, and still wish had more time to do it. While on honeymoon I read five books over two weeks and it was utter bliss – that’s one of the best things about holidays if you ask me – having the time to read.

But honeymoon is long over now (sad face) and I haven’t read a book since I got home four weeks ago which is very out of character for me. But it was Christmas, then New Year, then I started my blog and went back to work, so my free time has been otherwise occupied. But my book list has been slowly growing so it’s time to get back to it!

Reading, along with writing, is my form of escapism, as it is for many of you I’m sure. And although I’m a little late with this post, here’s a look at what’s on my book list for January:

Brooklyn – Colm Tóibín

I’m really looking forward to reading this and frankly don’t know how it has escaped me up to now. But with all the hype around the movie release, I’m determined to have it read before someone reveals the plot to me. I also can’t stand seeing movies based on books without having ready the book first! Anyone else have a pet peeve about this?! Anyway, so that I don’t run the risk of finding out too much, this will be my first read, starting tonight.

Girl Boss – Sophia Amoruso

I’ve had this on my book list for a while now and just haven’t got around to reading it but I’ve decided this is the month to tackle it. I’ve heard mixed reviews so I’m cautiously curious and will have to keep you posted on this one.

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

This is the one I’m most excited about of the three. Although Gilbert’s most famous book, Eat Pray Love, received a mixed bag of reviews, I loved it. I was travelling South America when I read it, and therefore the dreamer in me could identify with her story. I too was on a soul-searching journey at the time and it was a great companion along the way. Naturally I therefore have high hopes for Big Magic, not least because I just like how Gilbert writes. It has been described as self-help, feel good book full of common sense – I’m not sure what to make of that commentary but it I’m intrigued.

So there you go, I better get cracking if I want to finish them by the end of the month! I’ll be sure to share my thoughts once I’m done.

Oh! And I’m always on the hunt for good book suggestions, so please feel free to share your favourites. There can never be too many books on your wish list!

Sorcha x

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