Oh Crêpe! It’s Pancake Tuesday

It’s Pancake Tuesday and I came across this picture on Pinterest earlier today…


…it made me giggle like many images I come across on Pinterest and other social networking sites daily, and today I just had to share it.

We’re more of a crêpe family, none of your typical thick style pancakes here. We like them thin, a little bit crispy on the outside, and smeared with butter, lemon and sugar. All the bads!

Using Mamma’s secret crêpe recipe, in other words the same crêpe recipe that you all probably have too, here’s a look at how Pancake Tuesday went down in our house this evening…


A mug of flour sieved, an egg in the center, a dash of milk, a good old whisk and voila – a frothy pancake mix. 


I’m sure you’re all sitting down enjoying your pancakes (or crêpes) now, so from my family to yours – enjoy!
Sorcha x

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