Calling all my fellow bloggers! Are you on Bloglovin’? I’ve just joined so come follow me there Simply Sorcha.

I’m still trying to navigate my way around it so if you have any tips, or hints, or any small nuggets of wisdom that will help me get started, I would really appreciate it guys! My first question is, how do I find you all? I can’t for the life of me seem to find blogs just by name search so if you have usernames send them on too.

I’m pretty good with social media, in fact I’m a bit of an addict so anytime I hear of something new I have to try it out. Okay so Bloglovin’ isn’t actually that new, but given that I’m only blogging a mere six weeks, it’s new to me. I’m liking the feel of it so far, it’s quite like Pinterest but specifically for bloggers, what could be better?!

So I look forward to connecting with you all there soon.

Oh! And while I’m on the subject of social media, last night I bit the bullet and also joined snapchat too. I swore I wouldn’t do it, but I’m a slave to the cause what can I say! 🙂

My username over on snapchat if you’re there too is imsimplysorcha.

Sorcha x

2 thoughts on “Bloglovin’

  1. Hi! I think if you type the url of a blog in the “search for blogs” section it should find it.

    I use Bloglovin to follow blogs that are not on Worpress, it’s like my “news feed” for all other blogs that don’t appear on my WP reader. 🙂
    + you can create collections there, I have one for recipes where I save all the blog posts with recipes I want to try.

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