Alexa Lovin’

Handbags. Do I even need to go on? I don’t think there are many women out there who don’t love a pretty handbag and I’m no exception.

Depending on my mood I flit between oversize and mini, satchel and clutch, cross-body and over the shoulder, you name it – I’ve probably got a bag that fits your description!

I do, like all things, have my favourites however, and today that’s my Mulberry Alexa. It’s been a while since I’ve given my Alexa some love, but a friend of mine was recently talking about purchasing one for herself which made me realise, I hadn’t taken mine out to play in quite a while.

I bought this bag about five years ago now, and it is like my baby. I lusted after it for so long and when it finally became mine, my handbag life was complete (well for a while anyway!).

This is probably the most versatile bag I’ve ever had, as I’m sure all of you Alexa lovers out there would agree. The tan colour means it goes with pretty much everything I own, and the leather has worn incredibly well over the years, remaining as soft as it was when I first purchased it. It’s love what can I say…

And on that note, Alexa and I are off out, so Happy Friday. Hope it’s a great weekend all!

Sorcha x

Friday Night Links! Meet & Greet!

Niki over at The Richness of a Simple Life blog is running a Bloggers Friday Meet & Greet and I’m just loving this idea! What better way to get to know your follow bloggers. So why not join the party? I have!

The Richness of a Simple Life

Hi everyone! Welcome to my Friday Night Link Party! This is going to be a 24 hour link party. I know that with the time zones it’s tricky so I decided to post this at midnight on Thursday London time, that way it will already be Friday in Australia and close it at midnight London time on Friday that way it gives everyone on the other side of the world time to join in as well. So if it’s not Friday night as you are reading this, it is someplace!

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Book Review: A Happy Ending in Brooklyn?

So a few weeks ago I shared my reading list for January with you. I’m working my way through my three book choices and last night finished reading one of them, Brooklyn.

Okay. Can I just say first off, I was not expecting that ending! Anyone else?! It almost angers me, don’t get me wrong I loved the book, but I’m left with so many questions, there’s so much more I want to know! But that is the power of a great book isn’t it?

I don’t know how I missed this when it was first released. I love Colm Tóibin’s writing style, he has an undeniable talent for capturing his readers the instant their eyes hit the first page. He describes things exactly as we think and feel them, and it’s hard not to become engrossed in the characters and feel like part of their lives.

Eilis is a young girl who ultimately just wants more for her life and her future. She has adventures and makes mistakes, and duty calls her in many ways meaning what she wants becomes secondary to what she must do. Isn’t that so true for many of us?

What would life be like if we all lived exactly as we wanted to – followed our hearts and not our minds, and didn’t have to worry about money, jobs, bills and responsibilities? That’s a world I’d like to see. But unfortunately things don’t work like that. That same life is hard sometimes, it throws us curve balls, and obstacles, and worries and stresses and illnesses, and we end up doing the things we feel we should do, or need to do, in order to get by. I am a free spirit in some ways, but not anywhere near as much as I’d love to be.

The big question for me in the book is whether Eilis made a huge mistake, or the perfect choice? What if Eilis hadn’t got on the boat at the end? What if Colm, what if?!

I won’t say anymore for fear of spoiling it for those of you who haven’t read the book because I’m told the movie portrays it all in a very different light. And like many Hollywood movies, has a happy ending. Another reason why I’m so glad I read the book first, as I always am.

That’s not to say that for some, the book ending is a happy one. I just didn’t interpret it that way, from my perspective Eilis was just doing her duty rather than doing what her heart told her.

Have you read Brooklyn? If so, let’s chat… I need someone to discuss this with. Stat!

Sorcha x

On Wednesdays I Wear Red

I love nothing more than brightening up a black-on-black outfit with a pop of lip colour and that’s exactly the look I’ve gone for on this dull, rainy Wednesday in Dublin.

Today it’s all about red. Lipstick red. Lady Danger red to be exact.

Like lots of beauty lovers, I love a strong lip. One small application can totally transform your whole outfit, not just your makeup, and MAC’s Lady Danger is one of my ultimate favs. I’m talking up there, top ten, maybe top three, kind of fav!

For those of you not familiar with it (I doubt there is many of you), Lady Danger is a coral-red, matte based lippy with the most incredible staying power.

The perfect way to brighten up your hump day!

Sorcha x

Shoes, Glorious Wedding Shoes

As I mentioned last week, my wedding photos finally arrived and I’m still bursting with excitement. I promised you all a full blog post on my wedding photography which is coming very soon, I promise. But for now, I’m going to dedicate this post to my wedding shoes. My wonderfully pretty wedding shoes!

Image: Moat Hill Photography

If you’re like me and obsessed with all things footwear, then you’ll appreciate this blog post. When flicking through our hundreds of wedding images I was totally blown away by the photos our incredible photographers, Moat Hill Photography, captured of my shoes at different points throughout the day. I thought, wow, these pictures are too good not to share!

So here you go…

Image: Moat Hill Photography

Don’t they just look delicious?!

Unlike a lot of brides, I didn’t go for your ‘typical’ bridal heels, and opted for a pair of Nude YSL Tribute Sandals that I’ve had my eyes on forever. They aren’t particularly dainty or sparkly, or what you would normally expect a bride to wear, but I didn’t care. My wedding was a perfect excuse to splurge and that I did!

Image: Moat Hill Photography
Image: Moat Hill Photography

My hubby just can’t understand how I can spend so much money on shoes or handbags, but the men just don’t get it ladies, do they?! Shoes always fit, they always make you feel good – and I felt amazing in mine. And the fact that they were super comfortable too was a big bonus!

Never underestimate the power of a great shoe! I shared a post over the weekend about the power of retail therapy, but I think this needs to be followed by a nod to the power a great shoe to make you feel like a million dollars. I lasted all day and pretty much all night in mine apart from the last hour where I swapped them out for a pair of slippers – so it was money very well spent in my view!

So my advice to any budding brides out there is to buy whatever shoes you want – you don’t have to conform to the ‘norm’ here. This is the perfect time in your life to splash out and purchase those beauties you’ve always had your eye on – whatever they are.

And on that note, I will leave you to dream…

Happy Monday!

Sorcha x



Spread The Love

Happy Valentine’s Day all!

It’s not really a genuine holiday I know, but the hopeless romantic in me just can’t help being a sucker for Valentine’s Day each year.

I spent many Valentine’s Days single, down, and lonely so I sympathise with anyone else feeling that way today. But even so, I never hated the day, I just longed for the moment that I would have someone to share it with, and that moment finally happened three years ago when I met Dave.

I woke up to a massive bunch of beautiful roses this morning from my amazing hubby, it’s our first Valentine’s Day as Mr & Mrs so forgive the cheese, please!

Love isn’t just romantic; it’s family, it’s friendship, it’s children, it’s whatever love means to you. So whoever you’re with, or whatever you’re doing, in the spirit of this day, let’s spread the love into the blogosphere. 

This Valentine’s Day the hubby is off playing golf and I’m spending it having a girls day with my Mum, Sister and my Nieces.

Happy Valentine’s Day… I hope it’s a love-ly one!

Sorcha x

Retail Therapy

Today I woke up feeling a bit ‘meh’. I had loads of jobs to do, my sister is coming home with my nieces this evening for a long weekend, but still when I woke this morning I just felt meh. I have days like this as we all do, and I had a particularly stressful day in work yesterday so I’m sure that didn’t help.

I needed a pick me up, something to distract me, and then I realised yesterday was pay day. Score! So I decided to take a trip to the shops and see what I could treat myself to.

I have been on the hunt for a pair of studded Saint Laurent espadrilles for quite some time now but they are sold out EVERYWHERE! Much to my disappointment, even though I had given myself permission to buy them this month, I can’t get my hands on them. So when I came across these little Michael Kors babies my inner fashionista did a jump for joy. Two legs kicking in the air kind of jump for joy!

Although they aren’t the same, they come pretty close. The top toe part of the shoe is a black leather, and the back half is a kind of silvery metallic leather. They are super comfortable (well what I have worn of them so far), and they didn’t have the steep price tag of Saint Laurent either.

I now feel giddy and excited to take my new shoes out for a stroll. And even picked up as few bits in ZARA too as you do.

Morale of the story? Never underestimate the power of retail therapy when you’re feeling a bit meh!

Sorcha x