Me Time

I’m sitting in my favourite hair salon, Brown Sugar, this sunny Saturday thinking to myself, is there anything better than some hair love of a weekend?

Really when you think about it ladies, we have it good! Going to the hairdresser for us means ‘us time‘,  somewhere we can go to completely switch off.

I love a trip to the hairdresser, I don’t come as often as I would like but when I’m here it allows me to escape into a world of my own. I read my favourite magazines, have a goss with my hairdresser extraordinare Elayne, who I’ve been coming to for at least ten years now, have a good social media stalk, or simply sit with my own thoughts.

The fact that you’re given a sweet treat every time you come too? Bonus! Today’s treat was this cute sprinkle cupcake, and although I’m trying to be good at the moment, who could resist this?!

So if you’re not doing much this Saturday why not go for a quick blow dry or get yourself pampered. We deserve it!

Oh and here’s a look at the new do…

Sorcha x

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