Paris, Oui

So this Thursday myself and the hubby are off to lovely Paris, and I’m so frickin’ excited! While up to now the Year of the Holiday has only brought us to places in Ireland, finally we are managing to get further afield.

We’ve both been to Paris before but not together, and there’s so much I want to see and do. The only thing scuppering the trip at the moment is the fact that I’m smothering with a cold, and I am unable to wear shoes as I split my ankle open. Long story but I’ve basically been living in my flip flops for the past week (resulting in said cold!).

But in keeping with my focus on being positive this year, I’m not going to let any of those obstacles stop me. It’s been many years since I was last in Paris, and I didn’t really see much at all, so I’ve got a lot on my list this time around.

We have three days and four nights so I’m calling on all my lovely readers to send me some tips on what to do, where to go, where to eat, drink etc. I have all the obvious places on my list, but I’m looking for recommendations for non-touristy, quirky, out of the ordinary type of places.

So if you’ve been to Paris over the last few years and found any little hidden gems then please let me know so I can add them to my list.

I’ll be taking you all with me via snapchat and Instagram so make sure you come follow me over there to see what we’re up to. I’ll share a full post on our trip when I’m back next week also.

For now, au revoir!

Sorcha x

7 thoughts on “Paris, Oui

  1. Check out Rue Cherche Midi on the left bank, a stones throw from the exclusive Bon Marche. Its a small rue with an arty feel to it, lots of hip boutiques, galleries, bistros with buzz and lots of trendy parisiens!
    Beside The Pantheon there is is a very charming square to have lunch in the sun. If it is raining visit The Institute Arabe (not far from the Pantheon) and have an excellent lunch, the museum is also super.
    As it is a romantic break visit Rodin’s house (it has just been renovated) and go wooly gazing at The Kiss. A must is also the Marais, its beside Place des Voges and not far from Ile St Louis. The last three are on the right bank and the best is just to start walking, get lost around the maze of old street and then have a long lazy meal. A great guide book is My Little Paris….and of couse if you are both serious foodies the red Guide….

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  2. Can’t wait to see the photos on Instagram 🙂
    I don’t really have hidden places to recommend, but I would suggest watching “Amélie” or “Midnight in Paris” before you go – in case you haven’t watched already! Then maybe you could go to the café featured in the Amélie movie?
    Enjoy your time in Paris!

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