It’s been two weeks since my last Fridaygram post, I missed last Friday’s post as things were a bit hectic last week. But, the sun came out this week meaning there were plenty of sunny photo opportunities, and as always I got lost in dreaming about life, travel and holidays.

If you follow my Fridaygram posts you’ll know I usually list my photos day-by-day with a little synopsis on each, but today I’ve decided not to do it that way anymore. As I talk about all my daily antics in my blog posts anyway, I really don’t want to start doubling up on information and risk boring all of you lovely readers!

So instead I’ve decided to put an Instagram collage together and share my photos that way. Here’s a look back over my last two weeks in photos. Some of the photos I took or made myself, and others are images I came across on Pinterest which inspire thoughts, dreams and wants…


I know I always say it but if you want to keep up-to-date on all my goings on then please come follow me on Instagram by clicking here! It’s my favourite of all the social media sites, and apart from the fact that I just love pretty pictures, I’m always uploading content there so please come say hi.

It’s a beautiful sunny Friday and I’m heading away for the weekend which I’m very excited about. So for now I will leave you, and wish you all a happy Friday too!

Sorcha x

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