Behind The Blog featuring Simply Sorcha…

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday!

As I am still recovering from my weekend trip away to the beautiful, fun island of Ibiza, I’m afraid I haven’t had time to schedule a blog post for today.

What I have got for you however, is the virtual sit down I did with the gorgeous Karen from Confetti & Curves Blog. If you missed my post talking about this a few weeks ago you can read it here.

But more importantly, I’m so thrilled to say my interview is now live on Confetti & Curves so please have a read below and let me know what y’all think!

And don’t forget to drop over to Confetti & Curves and check out Karen’s lovely blog.

Sorcha x

Simply Sorcha

If there is anything certain in the universe, it’s that Ireland is undoubtedly swarming with glowing pink bodies today (appearing semi-radioactive) from what can only be described as the mini heatwave which descended upon our bank holiday Monday. What a scorcher it was as back gardens & beaches were crammed with budding barbequers relishing in the sun rays, enjoying their burnt hot dogs & cider. I on the other hand was inching around the shade – wilting like an extra from Bram Stokers. Needless to say an Ikea parasol is the most life saving investment I’ve ever purchased, and if you’re pale skinned you’ll more than understand 😉 On a slightly different note, my new summer sandals arrived and they are THEE comfiest things I have EVER worn. Seriously, they really are! *happy sigh & happy feet* 😀

Ooh talking of happy, I’ve yet another cheery blog buddy to introduce y’all to today as the gorgeous…

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