It’s been two weeks since my last Fridaygram post, I missed last Friday’s post as things were a bit hectic last week. But, the sun came out this week meaning there were plenty of sunny photo opportunities, and as always I got lost in dreaming about life, travel and holidays.

If you follow my Fridaygram posts you’ll know I usually list my photos day-by-day with a little synopsis on each, but today I’ve decided not to do it that way anymore. As I talk about all my daily antics in my blog posts anyway, I really don’t want to start doubling up on information and risk boring all of you lovely readers!

So instead I’ve decided to put an Instagram collage together and share my photos that way. Here’s a look back over my last two weeks in photos. Some of the photos I took or made myself, and others are images I came across on Pinterest which inspire thoughts, dreams and wants…


I know I always say it but if you want to keep up-to-date on all my goings on then please come follow me on Instagram by clicking here! It’s my favourite of all the social media sites, and apart from the fact that I just love pretty pictures, I’m always uploading content there so please come say hi.

It’s a beautiful sunny Friday and I’m heading away for the weekend which I’m very excited about. So for now I will leave you, and wish you all a happy Friday too!

Sorcha x

Blogger Chats with Confetti & Curves

Happy Thursday guys, it’s almost the weekend and that makes me super happy. It will not only be Friday tomorrow, but I’m also going away for the weekend to my favourite place in the world, Ballymaloe House, which is where Dave and I got married last December. So needless to say I’m very excited to go back as we haven’t been there since the wedding.

In other news, I wanted to tell you about another blog that I love called Confetti & Curves. If you love beauty as much as I do ladies, then you need to check this out. The lovely Karen who is behind Confetti & Curves talks all things products, regimes and beauty loves, and has a fab section called ‘Behind The Blog‘ where she features other bloggers she likes every few days.


It’s a brilliant way of getting to know other bloggers and I’m delighted to say that Karen will be doing a Behind The Blog feature on little old me in just a few weeks, yay! It’s kind of a virtual Q&A session and I have to say I really enjoyed doing it so thanks to Karen for having me.

The post is going live on Thursday 31st May so I will share it all with you then. In the meantime, why not check out some of her other fab Behind the Blog posts here.

Happy Thursday!

Sorcha x

My Faves Part 3: NARS Orgasm Blush

This week’s ‘My Faves’ product is the now infamous Orgasm Blush from NARS. This has been on the market for quite a few years now and is most definitely a cult favourite among beauty lovers and makeup artists alike.

I’ve been using this blush for so long, but I tend to take a break from it every so often. I hadn’t used it since last year and so last week,  I decided it was time to revisit this little old gem. Only when I went to look for it I realised I had none left which never happens to me. Ever! I usually always have one on hand at home for when I need it, so needless to say when I was makeup shopping over the weekend this was first on my list.

The Orgasm shade to me is the perfect blush shade. I would describe it as kind of a peachy pink and it has a gorgeous shimmer finish which gives a lovely glow to the cheek bones. The best thing about the pigment on this blush is that you can wear it very softly with just one light layer, or you can apply multiple layers for a stronger look, and the colour looks equally great with both.

The micronised powder, according to NARS, ensures a soft, blendable application and to be honest, I couldn’t agree more. One quick sweep of the brush and your cheeks are perfectly pink.

I’m sure many of you beauty lovers have used this over the years, it’s a staple product for any makeup bag and hence why it’s number three on my list of all-time favourite products.

If you’re not familiar with it however and fancy giving it a go, it costs €30 and I bought mine in Brown Thomas Dublin.

Sorcha x

It’s The Little Things


If you read my Monday Motivation blog post yesterday, you’ll know I was having a bit of a meh day. I was feeling a bit blah and in need of a lift somehow. And I got it!

Yesterday afternoon I got a notification from Elizabeth Arden that they loved one of my photos of their new Eight Hour Miracle Oil and wanted to use it on their social media sites. I was so excited! I’m certainly no photographer, in fact, the whole world of photography is a real learning curve for me, but given my love of Instagram, I try to make an effort to create pretty pictures.

Anyway next thing I know, they had shared the photo on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and it made me feel great. It’s such a small thing, I mean it’s only a photo I know, but there is something in a small victory that helps you to keep going.

You see, I’ve been having a bit of bloggers block the past few weeks. I’ve been questioning and second guessing myself, asking myself is there even any point in doing the blog. It’s a confidence thing I guess, plus sometimes you just worry that you’re boring people or that they are not even reading at all. So this really gave me the lift that I needed.

My blog isn’t specialised like other blogs, I love makeup so I write about beauty products; I love shopping and eating out so I write about what I buy and restaurants I go to; I love going away so I write about travel; I just got married so I write about weddings; and, sometimes I just love writing about random thoughts in my head. I’m not just a beauty blogger, or travel blogger or lifestyle blogger, I’m a little bit of everything, maybe that will work for me, maybe it won’t.

I’m still figuring it all out and have no idea where I’ll end up really. But yesterday gave me that small little push to keep going. What’s more, Charlotte Tilbury then also contacted me to say they wanted to use this picture in their social media and marketing materials.
So if ever there was a sign from the blogging gods, I think yesterday was it!

I’m sure I’ll have days like this again, there will be many of them no doubt. But like yesterday, once I realise that there are victories in the little things, and not to take things so seriously, then hopefully I’ll be able to snap myself out of it and keep writing.

Afterall, it’s the little things that mean the most.

Sorcha x

Monday Motivation

Today is one of those Mondays where I need a little something to get me going. I’m feeling a bit blah, and my positivity has been lacking somewhat over the last week or two. I always try to be positive no matter what’s going on in my life, but sometimes you just have a bad week.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you’ll know I tend to turn to words when I’m feeling like this. Sometimes I write, sometimes I read, sometimes I say my favourite quotes in my head. But always, always, I turn to words.

And today is no different. The sun is shining, it’s warm, summer is coming and I have so much to be happy about so my positivity should be high. But for some reason it’s just not.

So here are the words I’m turning to this morning to help make this day and this week a happy, positive one.

Happy Monday!

Sorcha x

My Faves Part 2: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Powder in Soft & Gentle

It’s that time of the week again for me to share some of my all-time favourite products with you. If you missed the first ‘My Faves’ post you may not know that this post is all about honouring the products that I love, and aren’t necessarily new to the market. You can catch last week’s post on my Eve Lom Rescue Mask here.

But for today I’m talking all about MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish Powder in Soft & Gentle. Some of you may be familiar with it, some of you may not, but if you’re not then I’d definitely recommend trying this one out.

Powder shimmer highlighters with excellent pigmentation and staying power are hard to come across I’ve found, which is probably the reason I keep coming back to this little gem. The colour and pigmentation of this powder are excellent, and it gives you a lovely soft shimmer glow without making you look shiny.

The Soft & Gentle shade has an almost golden undertone to it, and as I have olive skin, it is the perfect accompaniment for my makeup.

I don’t always wear it for my everyday makeup, but you’ll never see me leaving the house without this of an evening. Today my skin is tired looking and dehydrated from a weekend of wedding partying, so on days like this, I find a good highlighter really helps to lift the skin and give it a nice glow. Of course there are lots of great highlighters out there, but from a powder perspective, this is without a doubt one of my favourites.

At €31 it’s not the cheapest powder highlighter on the market, but as the pigmentation is so good, you really only need a small amount and therefore it lasts for ages. The fact that it’s mineral too means it’s great for your skin which is always a bonus.

Have you got a favourite highlighter powder or have you tried this one? If so then let me know, it’s all about sharing the beauty love ladies!

Sorcha x

Tuesday Thoughts


May has arrived and that means that summer has arrived in Ireland but whilst the weekend gave us a glimpse of balmy warm weather one day, the next we found ourselves caught in a freezing cold hail stone shower. As strange as it may sound, the crazy Irish weather got me thinking about how things change, in a second, and without warning.

When I first set up my blog back in January, I knew this year was going to be an interesting one. While it was going to be exciting, and fun, full of travel and adventures, it was also going to be challenging, and hard, due to some changes I’m going through. You’ll have heard me talk about this already if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, and apologies if I’m boring you, but you know, sometimes you just need to talk it out!

Given the worrier that I am, I’ve always worried about change, what it means for me, how I will cope, how I will come out the other side. And of course I’ve always coped, I’ve always come out the other side, and I’ve almost always been better off because of it. So why am I always so resistant?

Does anyone else go through this? It may be why I challenged myself in my New Year’s resolutions not to sweat the small stuff so much, and I’m trying, let me tell you I’m trying. But sometimes you just want to scream out the stress and wish you could wake yourself up from a situation so that things could go back to being ‘normal’ again. But maybe the only normalcy in life is change…

I’m talking in riddles again I know, forgive me and my tendancy to do that. While I share so much of my life and thoughts in my blog, somethings I just can’t talk about things in as much detail as I would like. Not because I don’t want to, but more for self-preservation really.

But the subject really isn’t the issue here, it’s the change. And I don’t know why it always surprises me. What’s that famous quote again; the only certainty in life is that nothing is certain?

Well that’s definitely true about the weather anyway.

Sorcha x