Saturday Vibes

This weekend we’re having a quiet weekend relaxing, catching up with friends, going for walks, having early nights… All the things you long for in a weekend when you’ve had a busy few weeks.

But weekends like this are also for me, a chance to reflect. When I’m relaxed my mind wanders to all the possibilities, adventures, travels, experiences yet to come and how much of life we’ve still to live.

Does anyone else have moments like this? Moments when you realise how incredible life actually is?! 

Maybe it’s because personally I’m going through a transition period with my job which is making me reevaluate what I want to do with my life, or maybe it’s that I’m just a dreamer imagining all the possibilities ahead. Who knows.
What I do know however is that life is to be lived, the good, bad, happy and sad… It is to be enjoyed, to be relished, to be grabbed with both arms and cherished.

Today I’m relishing life and enjoying all the incredible people, things and places around me. Today I am grateful.

Sorcha x

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