Rimmel Lippy Review

If you’ve been following me on social media, you’ll know that I was recently given two lipsticks from the Kate Moss Lasting  finish collection for Rimmel to try out. 

The first from the original collection is Shade 01, and what I would describe as a dark cherry red colour. The second from the nude range, is Shade 43, a kind of brown nude colour.

If you read my Dare To Go Nude piece a few months back, you’ll know I’ve tried and tested a few nude lipsticks and Shade 40 in this range came out the winner. In saying that, I haven’t tried the other nude shades in the range so I was interested to see how this one would stack up. I was also interested to see whether the formulation would be the same in both the original and nude collection. The quick answer is yes!

When I previously tried out Shade 40, the Pros for me were this:

  • Mosturisation – It felt soft on application and didn’t dry out my lips.
  • The pigment was really good and I loved the shade.
  • At €6.99 they are great value for money. 

But there were also some Cons:

  • The staying power wasn’t great and I had to reapply quite often.

After trying out the new shades I was given however, I noticed they staying power was slightly better than before. So what I’m thinking now is that the staying power might be effected by the colour in this instance. As these two shades are darker than the original one I tried out from the nude collection, they seem to be lasting much longer on my lips. So that is a great discovery.

Now on to the shades… Whilst these shades are not new to the range, they are new to me, and most of you will know by now I never turn down the chance to try out a new lipstick. 

Shade 01 isn’t the darkest shade I’ve ever worn but I’m not sure the red undertone is the right tone for my skin. I absolutely loved the pigment on this – it looks the exact same on my lips as it does on the stick so it gets a good thumbs up from me in that respect. Personally however, when wearing it with my daytime makeup, I felt it looked quite cold on my lips which was disappointing. With heavier evening makeup on it did look slightly better but still not sure it’s the right colour for me.

Shade 43 is a lovely creamy nude brown shade as mentioned above and I really like it. Because the pigment is so good, and it’s a darker nude than the previous shade I tried, it does give more colour to the lips making them stand out a bit more than its very pale nude counterpart. This is the perfect daytime shade, especially if you just want a very subtle colour on the lips.

All in all, I think I have a better opinion of the range after trying these shades and while Shade 01 might not be for me, not one to give up on a good challenge, I’ll keep working with it to see if I can make it work. Shade 43 however, has just become my new daytime friend!

Do you have a favourite lipstick in this range? If so let me know… I always love trying out new shades!

Sorcha x

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