Getting My Life in Order with

The title of this post may seem a little dramatic, I mean how does one really go about getting their life in order? I’ve always been a planner, an organiser, so much so some of my friends jokingly call me ‘Monica’ because everything has a place, everything needs to be planned meticulously, and because really, getting things in order makes me happy.

It’s a little sad I know, that planning and organising gives me joy, but I know I’m not the only one! I have kept a diary for years now, apart from keeping track of everything I do and allowing me to be the organised person that I am, it also gives me something to look back on – read, laugh at, cringe at, cry at, balk at.

I kept a diary of my entire year of wedding planning, and I don’t mean the online kind, I mean the good old fashioned pen to paper, writing kind. It’s always been something I enjoy, and essentially was what let me back to writing for enjoyment, and eventually blogging again.

Now that I’m no longer in a permanent job and taking the summer off to write and try find out what it is I actually want to do with the rest of my life, I decided a good way to start figuring it all out was by getting myself a good planner. And that’s where the whole subject of this post comes in, my new agenda.

Agendas seem to be the new ‘thing’ of the moment, every where I look I’m seeing agendas and diaries, maybe it’s because many of the online shops and Instagram accounts I like are gift and stationary shops. Maybe it’s because I just love that kind of thing. Either way, the moment I first saw the new agendas I knew I had to have one. Even thinking about it now excites me! Am I the only weirdo who feels like this about planning and organising? Please tell me I’m not alone!

Anyway, after much research back and forth on which type of agenda to get, I eventually decided on the large Lady of Leisure option. Apart from being very cute and pretty, the diary element starts from August 2016, which as we all know is almost upon us, meaning it’s time for me to get my life in order.

These agendas are cute, they are fun, they have notes sections, they have day-by-day diary sections, they have monthly forward views, they have a yearly forward view, but most of all, they have stickers. STICKERS! Hello my inner ten year old self!

They have inspirational messages, they have monthly themes, and are really just a whole pile of fun. If I need to get my life in order and start planning for the future, then I may as well have as much fun as possible doing it.

The large agenda cost €37 and I picked it up in Moss Cottage, one of my favourite shops in Dublin.

I can’t wait to start using it, and with only ten more days to go until August arrives, I’m already planning all the things I’m going to write in it (of course I am!).

Sorcha x

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