Review: The Shelbourne Spa

On Saturday just gone, my Mum and I had planned the ultimate girly day out with a trip to The Shelbourne Hotel spa in the heart of Dublin city. We’ve been planning a spa day for a while now, it’s something we try to do together at least once a year, and this year we decided rather than going away for a night, we would take a staycation break to The Shelbourne.

While we didn’t overnight there, we made our way into town early for a quick brunch before making our way over to the hotel for some good old fashioned rest and relaxation.

Our first impressions of the spa when we arrived were extremely positive. The soft lighting, the luscious fabrics and the peaceful atmosphere all set the tone for the day ahead. When we checked in the girl on reception was very welcoming and then showed us to the changing rooms where we could get ready for our day.

We arrived to the spa an hour early so that we could make use of the swimming pool and other spa facilities, but were slightly disappointed to find that the pool is actually part of the hotel’s leisure centre and as a result, was very bright and loud – children jumping into the pool doing water bombs is not my idea of a relaxing swim!  It did pass as people started to leave, but at this point we had abandoned the swimming idea and decided to spend our time in the steam room and sauna instead before going to change for our treatments.

At this point we were feeling a little let down, however, that all changed when we went for our treatments. When we left the pool area, we were brought into the relaxation room which is a gorgeous bright room overlooking St. Stephen’s Green. After a few minutes our therapists arrived to take us for our treatments and that’s when the real relaxation began.

The spa uses Pevonia and Elemis products, both of which I really like, so I opted for the Pevonia Hot Stone Massage and the Elemis Modern Skin Facial, both of which were one hour long. I also had the same therapist for both my treatments which meant I could enjoy being pampered for two hours straight – bliss!

My therapist’s name was Ali and she was extremely good. She spent a few minutes going through some questions about my skin type, problem areas and concerns, and decided which specific products and scents to use on me based on my responses. She started off with the hot stone massage and I literally could feel myself begin to ever so slowly lower my shoulders and relax.

It’s funny how even when you think you’re relaxed your shoulders can be up around your ears, tense as anything, and you don’t even realise. Not to mention the many knots that had to be kneaded out of my upper back. The kneading was worth it though and the whole treatment was just amazing. I felt so relaxed afterwards.

From there she moved on to my face where she applied several products to brighten and rehydrate my skin which has been quite dull and dry recently. She cleansed, toned, exfoliated and then added a thick mask which was just incredible. As that set on my face, she gave me a shoulder and head massage with the same oils and at this stage I was pretty much falling asleep! There’s nothing like a facial and massage to make you zone out for a few hours.

All in all, I was really happy with my treatments. My skin was so soft afterwards, and my face was definitely brighter and smoother. As I sat in the relaxation room after my treatments eating my berry sorbet and berry fruits, it was hard to keep my eyes open and I drifted off to a world of my own for a good half an hour as the sun shone down on my face through the open window.

It was such a lovely to spend a Saturday, and my Mum equally loved her treatments too. The perfect city girly escape for some ‘me time’.

Both my treatments costa total of €210 which is very competitively priced with other spas in Dublin and I would definitely revisit another time. As I said, the only let down was the pool area which could probably benefit from being a little less loud and a little more relaxed. But at the end of the day, everything else was so great and enjoyable, it didn’t really matter.

Sorcha x

Hello World, I’m Coming To Get You

It’s official, it’s real, and it’s happening. Eeek! Those of you who follow my Instagram will perhaps already know what I’m about to announce, but for those of you who don’t then here it is – the Year of the Holiday is about to get epic!

As most of you will know by now, for our first year of marriage, Dave and I decided to travel to as many places as possible, to see the places we’ve always wanted to see, to experience new cultures, to go on lots of adventures, and over the past seven months we’ve managed to pack a lot in. But now we’re taking it to a whole new level.

In October we’re going to embark on our biggest adventure yet and go travelling for two months. TWO MONTHS! To some of you that might not seem very long to see the world, but we’ve both been travelling before and the purpose of this trip is to get to the places we didn’t get to last time around. It’ll also be our first time travelling the world together.

Our first stop? Bali. Beautiful Bali.

We both have friends and family who’ve been to Bali travelling or on honeymoon and I’ve never heard anyone say a bad thing about it. From its beautiful green rice fields, to incredible culture, from amazingly friendly people, to white sandy beaches, Bali sounds like it has got a little bit of everything worth seeing.

I also have a romantic view of Bali from reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s adventures there in Eat, Pray, Love. I may have mentioned this before but that book had such a profound impact on me. Not because I think a medicine man is going to dramatically change the course of my life or anything, but because I love yoga and meditation, and the dreamer in me wants to find myself a little bit.

And being brutally honest here, I am the type of person to give a medicine man a visit too.

Our plan is to spend five nights in Ubud soaking in the culture, then head over to Gili Trawangan in Lombok for one night. I’ve heard to Gili islands are really worth a visit, and I’ve been longing to stand on the swing in the sea at sunset for quite some time now!

After that we go back to Seminyak and relax by the beach for five nights before heading to our next destination, the grand old continent of Oz.

I’ve been to Australia before, as has Dave, but while he spent a short bit of time around Cairns, neither of us travelled the East Coast. I spent most of my time in Sydney working while I was there, and apart from one weekend visit to Melbourne and Brisbane, didn’t get to see anything else. So this time the plan is to hire a car and spend a month travelling from Cairns to Melbourne. 

There are so many things we want to see and do. We want to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef even though the thought of it fills me with fear, we want to sleep on a Whitsunday island, we want to try to surf in Byron Bay, we want to go to a show in the Opera House, we want to eat delicious food in Melbourne and drink beer on the beach in St. Kilda. We want to do as much as we possibly can.

After Australia we make our way to Bangkok where we plan on spending two weeks discovering Thailand. Again, it’s probably not a huge amount of time to see everything we want to see there and so we’re sticking to the west side.

We will spend two nights in Bangkok to get our bearings and of course soak up the madness that is the infamous Koh San Road. Having spent three months in South America a few years ago, as well as a few weeks in India a few years before that, I’m used to the culture shock of different places, I absorb it, I thrive on it. I’m excited to see Dave’s reaction though as he’s never been anywhere like it before and I imagine the culture shock will be somewhat the biggest in Thailand. 

From Bangkok we will fly down to Phuket for a few days to relax in a nice resort before then making our way to Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and finally the last stop on the trip, Railay in Krabi. 

I’ve heard the beaches in Railay are incredible so we decided to finish our trip there in a gorgeous five star hotel as it will also coincide with our one year wedding anniversary. What better way to end our trip and celebrate being married a year than on a beach in Thailand?!

Writing about it now, I still can’t believe it’s going to happen. But it is. Although it’s been in planning for quite some time now, on Friday we booked our flights and made it all official.

Simply Sorcha was never intended to be a travel blog, my regular readers will know I write about everything from beauty to fashion to anxiety to meditation, and to travel. It’s a blog about all the things happening in my life, and things that I love. But for two months of this year, it will most certainly become a travel blog.

I’ll take you all with us, I’ll share our stories, our experiences, our favourites and least favourites, but I’ll try keep some beauty and lifestyle posts in there too. 

So there you go, our big news. To say we’re excited is an understatement, it’s literally a dream come true.

I’m currently lying in the sun in my back garden, taking in the joy that is a sunny Dublin day. So for now, I will say goodbye as it’s time for me to get back to my travel guides.

Hello world, I’m coming to get you…

Sorcha x

Quality Time

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead of you. Last weekend you may remember me talking about me going on a trip to The Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin and I’m very excited to say the day has finally arrived.

Image: Tripadvisor

Mum and I decided to treat ourselves to a girly spa day today, my Dad and Dave are both away for the weekend so what better excuse to treat ourselves to something nice.

As much as I love The Shelbourne, I’ve never been to the spa there so we’re both really excited to try it out and have some good old fashioned rest and relaxation. We’re starting the day off with brunch in town, and ending it with dinner in one of our favourite places to eat near home so it’s pretty much the perfect staycation.

Not only that but it’s so nice to have some Mum – Daughter quality time, catch up on all the family news and no doubt get lost in conversation over who knows what. Although I’m lucky enough to still live close to my parents, it’s rare that you get these kind of days to properly have some quality time and I for one can’t wait.

It’s been a strange week this week. On Thursday it was the birthday of a very old friend of mine who sadly passed away before Christmas. We all got together with his family on Thursday evening to toast him, and it really made me realise how short life can be and how precious our time with the people we love is.

I’ll be back with a full report on the spa and all our treatments in the coming days so if you want to know how we get on then watch this space.

For now, I hope you all have a lovely Saturday wherever you are today too.

Sorcha x

Summer Wedding Ideas

It’s been a while since I’ve written a wedding related post, but as I got married in Winter, lately I can’t help but trawl through Pinterest looking at all the beautiful Summer wedding pictures. There are so many things you can do for your wedding especially in Summer, and in ways I wish I could do it all over again.

Wouldn’t that be amazing? If you could have a wedding for every season? I easily have enough ideas, pictures, inspiration, and places in my mind that would allow me to do so. Of course I’d need to win the lotto first, and I’m not sure I could convince Dave to have another three weddings to capture Spring, Summer and Autumn. A ridiculous bridal dream I know!

Instead however, today I’ve decided to put together some of my favourite Summer wedding ideas from pictures and inspiration I’ve come across on Pinterest. If you’re getting married soon – I’m totally jealous! Joking. But maybe this will help inspire some thoughts and ideas for your big day.

Or if you’re already married like me but still love talking weddings, swooning over flowers, deliberating over colour themes, coming up with great favour or accessory ideas, then this post is for you!





Although I absolutely loved my wedding and wouldn’t change a thing, I always still find myself saying ‘oh I wish I did that‘, or ‘that would have been so much fun’ when I come across new ideas on Pinterest. I think most brides feel like that after their wedding.

Perhaps the moral of the story is to stop looking at wedding inspiration once you’re wedding is over, but alas, I just can’t help myself.

Sorcha x

*None of these photos are my own and have been borrowed from Pinterest for the purposes of this post. If you’d like to see what I’m pinning or want to come follow me then simply click here!



My Faves Part 10: Benefit That Gal Primer

Although I spoke a little bit about my love for Benefit’s That Gal Primer in my Airport Beauty Haul post yesterday, I love it so much that I felt it warranted its own dedicated post as part of the ‘My Faves’ series.

I’ve been using this highlighting primer for several years now, it was actually my sister who first told me about it, and she’s equally obsessed with it as I am. And what’s more, we both have very different skin types.

As I mentioned yesterday, the primer is pinkish in colour, and the formula contains light reflecting pigments meaning it has a very soft sheen when applied to the skin. But rather than make you look shiny, it gives the skin the most amazing dewy glow and really brightens up the whole face. I find it particularly great on days where my skin is looking tired and dull, or when the black circles have decided to come out in force!

You don’t need to apply it all over the face but I do. To apply, you just twist the nozzle at the bottom of the bottle to push up the formula and using your fingers, gently rub it into the skin. It blends quickly and easily, and has a very quick drying time which allows you to apply your makeup straight after. Not only that but it smells so frickin’ good too!

My skin is slightly on the dry side, my sister’s skin is probably more combination, but it looks, and lasts, equally well on both of us. I think the thing I love about it most however, is the staying power it gives your makeup. When I apply this primer in the morning, I really don’t have to top up my makeup at all during the day, and not only that, it leaves your skin feeling super soft as well as giving it a gorgeous glow.

I’ve taken pictures without makeup to try show you the difference. It’s subtle, but there’s definitely a difference between before and after. And I like that it’s subtle. It is light and creamy, has no stickiness, and is definitely my favourite of all the many primers I’ve tried. I do have others I really like, but That Gal takes first place for me.

The tube that I have costs €32 and I get about three to four weeks out of it. You would probably get more however if you are only using it around your T-Zone area, I just can’t help but put it all over my face.

Have you tried That Gal? If so let’s discuss our mutual love. Or if you had a bad experience then fill me in, I’m in the mood for a chat! 🙂

Sorcha x

Airport Beauty Haul

I don’t know about you, but when I’m travelling and going through airports, I find it so hard to resist all the gorgeous makeup and beauty products in Duty Free. My trip to London over the weekend was no different, especially as I arrived to the airport early meaning I had plenty of time to have a browse before my flight.

I needed to pick up some of my staples, including my favourite Benefit primer and my go-to brow pencil from MAC. But aside from that, I also wanted to pick up a few other bits to try out. So here’s a look at my airport beauty haul:

Benefit That Gal Primer

This brightening primer from Benefit is my favourite of all the primers on the market, simply because it does exactly what it claims to do. I’ve been wearing this for about three years now and it never fails to let me down.

The light creamy formula is pinkish in colour, and contains light reflecting pigments meaning it has a very soft sheen to it. But rather than make your face look shiny, it gives the skin the most amazing dewy glow whilst also really lifting the face. The brightening power on this is just so good, and I find it particularly great on days where my skin is looking tired and dull.

You don’t need to apply it all over the face but I do, I love the glow it gives my skin, plus it also smells A-MA-ZING! You could literally sit and smell the bottle for hours! To apply, I just twist the nozzle-y thing at the bottom of the bottle to push up the formula and using my fingers gently rub it into my skin. This blends quickly and easily, and dries well into the skin meaning you can apply your makeup straight after. I really hate when primers make your skin feel sticky or wet after application so the drying time on this another major plus for me.

The formula on this is so light I think it would be good for all skin types. My skin is slightly on the dry side, but I am prone to the odd oily breakout around my T-Zone and this primer works great regardless. I have a few friends who wear this too and they all love it so it’s definitely one I would recommend.

Price is €32 and the bottle will last about a month depending on how often you use it.

MAC Brow Pencil

Those of you reading my blog for a while now will already know that the MAC brow pencil is my go-to brow product. My eyebrows aren’t the worst, but due to a very bad scar on one of them, they are a lot thinner than I ideally would like to have them. Because hair doesn’t grow on the brow with the scar, I have to keep the other one thin to match so I don’t look completely ridiculous!

But that’s where the MAC brow pencil comes in. It is a very fine pencil that allows you to colour in your brows by following their natural lines of hair growth. Some brow products I’ve tried are either too thick in size or formula to allow a natural looking brow which means they can end up looking too dark or too big for the face.

The pencil is so easy to use however, again you just twist the nozzle at the bottom of the pencil to reveal the pencil and you’re on your way. This has been my brow product of choice for longer than I can even remember now and it would take something pretty miraculous for me to change. When it comes to brows I like to know what I’m getting!

I use shade Spiked which is a dark brown and the price is €18.

Clarins Lip Oil

I’ve read a lot of great reviews about the Clarins Lip Oil but have yet to try it. So when I spotted them at the Clarins counter I had to buy one and give it a go. I didn’t realise at the time that they were flavoured oils or that there were three different options in the range: 01 Honey, 02 Raspberry and 03 Cherry.

Because I love a bit of colour, I decided on shade 02 Raspberry, and although I’m yet to try it out, I can’t wait to see what it’s like. I had a quick smell and it is a little sweeter than I would normally like, but really it’s the formula and finish that I’m most excited about.

Clarins describe it as a non-sticky oil which plumps up the lips and leaves them feeling nourished. With a statement like that, how could I resist?!

The price on the lip oil is €21, but I got it for the bargain price of €16 in the airport. So if you’re travelling anytime soon then that’s the time to pick it up.

I’ll keep you all posted what I think so be sure to keep an eye on the blog if this is one you’re interested in trying out.

Benefit Dew The Hoola Matte Liquid Bronzer

There has been a lot of hype over the past few months on Benefit’s new Dew The Hoola bronzing and tanning range so it’s been on my list to try out for a while now.

I’m not a big fake tan wearer, I mean I’ll get the odd spray tan if I’m going to a wedding or event, but apart from that I don’t tend to use it much. So instead of choosing the tanning products, I opted for the matte liquid face bronzer instead.

I do love a good bronzer, particularly when contouring the face for a night out on the town. I have tried so many powder bronzers over the years but only a few liquid bronzers so I’m excited to give this a go. I’ve read some great reviews on other blogger’s sites, and the best thing about this product apart from the pigment, appears to be its blending power.

Again I haven’t had a chance to give this a try yet but as soon as I do, I’ll be posting a review to let you all know how I got on. The price on this is €31, so maybe slightly on the pricey side but I’ll know more once I put it to the test!

MAC Fine Eyeliner Brush 210

I love a good makeup brush, like most beauty lovers, I have way more than I use or even know what to do with. But I can’t seem to ever resist buying more! My current eyeliner brush has lasted me a good six or seven years at this stage but is finally on its last legs now so it was time to purchase another one.

The one I use is a MAC brush, code is 210, and it is a very fine brush meaning it’s great for applying thin lines of eyeliner to the eyes as well as creating a good wing. This brush makes eyeliner application so much easier particularly if using an eyeliner paint pot.

It costs €22 so is one of the more expensive options on the market, but it will definitely last a long time.

So there you go. I love when I have new products to try, don’t you?! I’m going to start trying out the lip oil and matte bronzer over the next few days so I will keep you posted. Also just because I love it so much, I’ll be doing a ‘My Faves’ post on the That Gal primer later this week so stay tuned…

Sorcha x

Travel: London & Ockenden Manor Hotel & Spa

It’s Monday, the start of another week and I got back last night from my trip to London. For those of you who caught my travel post on Friday, you’ll know I was going to London for the weekend to celebrate my sisters hen. She’s getting married in September so of course we wanted to send her off into married life in style.

I arrived to London around 5pm on Friday evening (sadly after a two hour flight delay) and made my way to meet my two sisters. We had an evening of girly pampering in store, so the first stop was manicures and pedicures accompanied of course by some bubbles and cupcakes. It was the perfect start to our girly weekend.

Post nail pampering, we went back to my sisters house for take away, wine and movie night, and mainly a lot of chatting. When we don’t see each other every day, there’s always so much to catch up on, and it’s also very rare that we get some sister time just the three of us so it was really lovely.

We finished the night off by watching one of our old favourites, Thelma & Louise, and literally crying with laughter. You know that moment when someone laughs, then someone else, then all of you, and it’s so infectious you just can’t stop until you’re literally about to get sick? Yep, that laughing. The kind of laughing that is great for the soul.

On Saturday morning we were up bright and early to bring her to her actual hen destination which was the lovely Ockenden Manor Hotel & Spa in West Sussex. We arrived to the most beautiful Elizabethan manor, with white washed walls and black timber panelling, and exactly the kind of charm you would imagine from a small town in the English countryside.

Our bedrooms were in the spa so were quite modern, but perfect for us as we had four to a room for our ultimate girly sleep over. We spent the day in the spa, drinking bubbles, catching up, eating, swimming and of course getting treatments done. It was a lovely relaxed way for everyone to meet each other, and have some pampering in the process.

I opted for a one hour Body Scrub/Massage as my treatment, and as I suffer from dry skin it was badly needed. The products they used for the scrub was a range called iLA which I had never heard of before, but the girl informed me it was a British organic luxury spa brand. And it smelled amazing!

The scrub itself was a full body scrub which lasted forty-five minutes, then I had a quick shower to wash off the product. This was followed by a fifteen minute massage using a body balm which contained rose and argan oil, to keep the skin hydrated. It was so good, by the end of it I was almost asleep on the bed! All in all, I really enjoyed it and my skin felt so soft afterwards. I then made my way into the relaxation room for some quiet time before going back out to meet the others and sit by the pool.

After we had all showered and changed that evening, and done a few hen things, we made our way to dinner in the hotel’s Michelin starred restaurant. We had booked a private dining room for the evening which was lovely as we could chat away, and tell stories about our lovely bride-to-be without worrying about interrupting other guests.

Our meal was lovely. I opted for a trio of Pork as my starter, and a delicious Oxtail dish as my main which was mouth-wateringly good! And as I so often do, for dessert I decided on the cheese plate. For a Michelin star restaurant, I was a little disappointed with the cheese option so that was a bit of a let down, but we were having so much fun I didn’t care. We ended the night drinking and chatting away into the early hours, and it really was the perfect evening.

Breakfast yesterday morning wasn’t as great, the breakfast waitress seemed a little flustered and messed up our orders, but at that stage we just wanted to re-fuel and get back to the spa for one last swim before heading back to London and going our separate ways.

To finish the weekend off in style, we decided to make one final pitstop and paid a visit to Selfridges fab roof top restaurant Forest on the Roof, for a glass of Champagne and a bite to eat.

For the day that was in it I went all out and opted for their homemade cheeseburger and truffle fries, both of which were accompanied by a glass of rosé Moet. It was deliciously bold, and worth every pound it most likely added to my body weight!

We could have sat there all day and night long but unfortunately myself and our friend Aine had to get ourselves to the airport so we wouldn’t miss our flight home to Dublin. So we finished up, said our farewells to London town and made our way home.

I don’t know about you, but I would always think of going to a spa in Ireland for a spa break, but it really opened my mind up to the amazing country spa hotels the English countryside has to offer. We had such a great few days, full of pampering, eating, laughing, and of course bubbles. It really was the perfect girly weekend. And best of all, my sister loved it.

If you’re thinking of a spa break soon and want something a bit different then I’d really recommend having a look at what’s on offer outside of Ireland. If you book early enough the flights to London are really reasonable so it’s the perfect excuse to get away for a weekend.

For those of you who would rather something a little closer to home however, then keep an eye on the blog as this weekend I’m going to The Shelbourne Spa in The Shelbourne Hotel Dublin for a spa day with my Mum and I’ll be reporting back on our trip and treatments early next week.

For now though, Happy Monday! Hope you all have a great one.

Sorcha x


Rimmel Lippy Review

If you’ve been following me on social media, you’ll know that I was recently given two lipsticks from the Kate Moss Lasting  finish collection for Rimmel to try out. 

The first from the original collection is Shade 01, and what I would describe as a dark cherry red colour. The second from the nude range, is Shade 43, a kind of brown nude colour.

If you read my Dare To Go Nude piece a few months back, you’ll know I’ve tried and tested a few nude lipsticks and Shade 40 in this range came out the winner. In saying that, I haven’t tried the other nude shades in the range so I was interested to see how this one would stack up. I was also interested to see whether the formulation would be the same in both the original and nude collection. The quick answer is yes!

When I previously tried out Shade 40, the Pros for me were this:

  • Mosturisation – It felt soft on application and didn’t dry out my lips.
  • The pigment was really good and I loved the shade.
  • At €6.99 they are great value for money. 

But there were also some Cons:

  • The staying power wasn’t great and I had to reapply quite often.

After trying out the new shades I was given however, I noticed they staying power was slightly better than before. So what I’m thinking now is that the staying power might be effected by the colour in this instance. As these two shades are darker than the original one I tried out from the nude collection, they seem to be lasting much longer on my lips. So that is a great discovery.

Now on to the shades… Whilst these shades are not new to the range, they are new to me, and most of you will know by now I never turn down the chance to try out a new lipstick. 

Shade 01 isn’t the darkest shade I’ve ever worn but I’m not sure the red undertone is the right tone for my skin. I absolutely loved the pigment on this – it looks the exact same on my lips as it does on the stick so it gets a good thumbs up from me in that respect. Personally however, when wearing it with my daytime makeup, I felt it looked quite cold on my lips which was disappointing. With heavier evening makeup on it did look slightly better but still not sure it’s the right colour for me.

Shade 43 is a lovely creamy nude brown shade as mentioned above and I really like it. Because the pigment is so good, and it’s a darker nude than the previous shade I tried, it does give more colour to the lips making them stand out a bit more than its very pale nude counterpart. This is the perfect daytime shade, especially if you just want a very subtle colour on the lips.

All in all, I think I have a better opinion of the range after trying these shades and while Shade 01 might not be for me, not one to give up on a good challenge, I’ll keep working with it to see if I can make it work. Shade 43 however, has just become my new daytime friend!

Do you have a favourite lipstick in this range? If so let me know… I always love trying out new shades!

Sorcha x

Travel Time

Although I only came back from Rome a few weeks ago, it’s time for me to pack my bags again and head off on my next trip. Those of you who’ve been following my blog for a while now will know that this year I’m having a Year of the Holiday. And for those of you who are only happening upon my blogging adventures now, let me explain…

Image: WeHeartIt

I got married last December to my amazing other half Dave and we decided to have basically, one very long, fun, drawn out honeymoon. Even though let’s be honest, we had an amazing honeymoon to the Maldives right after we got married.

But for our first year of marriage, we wanted to spread our wings, see the world and go to all the places on our bucket lists that we’ve never been to, and revisit some places that we just haven’t been to together. So as with all resolutions, when the New Year arrived, we sat down and wrote a list. For those of you who want to see that list you can read my original post here, or just keep reading…

Initially when we wrote our list, we had over thirty countries and cities but given work and money and all those serious real-life things, we had to narrow it down to just twelve. The year is now half way through and so far we’ve managed to tick Paris, Rome, London, Kerry and Ibiza off the list, and have travelled to a few little other places around Ireland too.  And while I’m not so sure we’ll make all twelve by the end of the year, we’ll have definitely given it a good whack anyway!

Anyway, enough of my rambling and back to today. Today I go back to London for the second time this year, but this time it’s for a very special occasion – my sister’s hen weekend. Yay! My gorgeous sister is getting married in September and although I can’t reveal our destination for fear of ruining the surprise, I can say that we’ve got a gorgeous, girly weekend planned.

A little pampering, a little chatting, a little gossiping, a lot of bubbles… It’s going to be a great weekend and I can’t wait for some proper girly catch up time with both my sisters.

As always I’ll fill you in on all the adventures next week, but in the meantime if you want to see what we’re up to then don’t forget to come follow me on social media:

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Have a great weekend!

Sorcha x


My Top Ten: Summer Sales

If you’re like me then you’ll love picking up a bargain or two in the Summer sales. I find it so hard to resist having a nosey around the shops at this time of year, especially when I want to invest in a few statement items. However, I’m really not one for trawling through sales racks so once the sales start, it’s online shopping time for me.

I love a good sale for picking up some staple wardrobe items, or a few statement or designer pieces that might otherwise have been out of my price range. If you get in early enough, there are some real gems to be found. For example, I recently bought a pair of Prada white leather trainers that were reduced by 50% in Brown Thomas, and while I normally wouldn’t have paid that kind of money for a pair of trainers, the half price tag meant I didn’t have to think twice!

A good bargain literally fills me with glee and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one this happens to. So in the interest of spreading some bargain buy love, I’ve picked out my Top Ten Picks from this year’s summer sales to share with you all. What’s even better? You can buy them all online!

Self-Portrait Yellow Azaelea Dress from Brown Thomas, Was €330, Now €150
Salsa Denim Secret Slim Jeans from Brown Thomas, Were €100, now €35


Isabel Marant Leo Suede Ballerina Shoes from Brown Thomas, Were €340, now €169


Warehouse Drapey Denim Shirt, Was €51, now €24


Helene Berman Black & White Floral Bomber Jacket from ASOS, Was €274, Now €105


VINCE White Polo Style Shirt from Brown Thomas, Was €345, now €95


COS V-Neck White Jersey Dress, Was €59, Now €30


Love Moschino Casual Love T-Shirt from ASOS, Was €126, now €70


Diane Von Furstenberg Printed Silk Top from Brown Thomas, Was €308, now €150


Saint Laurent Leather Floral Espadrilles from Brown Thomas, Were €395, now €279


So there you go, my favourite bargains from this year’s summer sales that are still available to buy. What are you waiting for?!

Sorcha x