Scandal Eyes with Rimmel

Before I came away, the lovely people in Rimmel London sent me some of their Scandal Eyes products to try out. As I was busy packing for my trip, the products couldn’t have arrived at a better time so I added them to my holiday makeup, excited to try them out while in Bali.

I have a funny relationship with Rimmel, I absolutely love some of their products like the Kate Moss Nude Lipsticks collection, their brow pencil but I haven’t got on too well with some of their mascaras in the past, that was until I tried out this Scandal Eyes Reloaded mascara.

It is very similar in packaging to L’Oreal’s  Miss Hippie mascara which I love, so when I first started using it, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really liked this too.

The bristles are very soft, and though the brush head is quite large and thick, flexibility allows for a very even application. The formula is not too wet so is very buildable, you do need a few coats to get good volume, but layering doesn’t seem to be a problem. 

I’ve been wearing this almost every day of my ten days so far in Bali, and it has managed to withstand 32 degree heat and 90% humidity every time I wear it. My lashes look full and thick, and I’m loving how they last so well in the sun.

At the bargain price of €9.99 I think this definitely is a winner from Rimmel.

The next product they sent me to try was their Scandal Eyes Precision Micro Eyeliner pen. Now, I know not everybody is a fan of felt-tip eyeliner pens but I love them. My all time favourite in life is MAC’s Penultimate Eyeliner pen and this offering from Rimmel really holds its own against it.

The pen nib is quite long with a very fine point at the end meaning feline flicks are so easy to achieve! I did find that the forumula was a bit watery at first, but in fairness I think that was more down to the heat than the formulation itself.

After a few coats the pen was still wet which is a major bonus as a lot of pen style eyeliners tend to dry up very quickly. 

I don’t know that I love this as much as the mascara, you have to keep your eyes closed for a minute or two after application as it smudges quite easily if not left to dry. But at €7.49 it’s a good budget buy for an on-the-go liner.

Have you tried either of these? If so then let me know your thoughts.

Sorcha x

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