Simply Lippy Challenge Day 27 | theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Lipstick in Committed


I don’t know about you guys, but I am so frickin’ happy that Friday has arrived. I’m exhausted after my first week back working, but I survived – yay! It was actually a really good week and all the nerves have gone now which is great.

I’m going out for a few drinks later with some friends, so for today’s lipstick choice, I wanted to pick a shade that would work well for a day-to-night look and so I opted for one of the Meet Matt(e) Hughes lipsticks from theBalm. 

I wore one of the shades from this range of Day 16 of my challenge and really loved the liquid formula. It was my first time to ever use one of theBalm lippies, and I was so impressed that I couldn’t wait to try another one out which leads me on to today’s shade…

Committed, is a kind of red-pink shade, I think! It’s officially described as a pink nude but to me it has more of a red/orange than a pink undertone, and it’s really not that nude either, so it’s hard to clarify what colour it actually is. I think it might be one of those shades that looks different on different toned lips as I’ve seen lots of pictures of it online and they all seem to have a different hue. What I do know about it however, is: I really like it.

The formula is liquid as I mentioned above, and the finish is super matte and long lasting too. I’m obsessed with the pigments on these liquid lippies, and although they aren’t hydrating, they don’t dry out the lips too much either. One thing I do find with this though is, it kind of cracks on your lips after a while, but I have extremely dry lips so it might just be me that this happens to. Adding a balm over it does help, but that ruins the matte finish so try to avoid it if that’s the look you want. 

I don’t know if I mentioned this in my previous post or not, but they have a gorgeous vanilla mint scent and the mint gives a soft tingle to the lips on application. I don’t know why, but I love a lippy that gives a tingle effect, maybe because I feel like it’s really working or something?! Who knows! 

I bought this shade in a set of six minis so it’s super handy for throwing in your handbag when you’re out and about, but you really won’t have to reapply that much at all which is always a bonus.

I think theBalm could definitely become a new favourite brand of mine, their packaging is so fun and the products that I’ve tried so far have really impressed me. Have you tired any of their products? If so, then send me some tips below!

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Sorcha 💋

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