Simply Lippy Challenge Day 42 | theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Dedicated

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I’ve been trying to shake off a cold/flu for the past few days but when I woke this morning, it had well and truly taken hold and I’ve been feeling pretty under the weather. But what’s my point I hear you ask?

Well, perhaps it’s the cold sleety Dublin weather or, maybe it’s just because of my cold, but my lips are so dry and sore that I really didn’t know what lipstick to choose today. The sides of mouth have dry slits and for some reason my lips are a little swollen too, so all in all, it hasn’t been the best day for Simply Lippy.

In the end, because I knew a creamy or glossy lipstick just wouldn’t work today, I decided to wear one of my trusty matte liquid lipsticks from theBalm because once applied, they really don’t budge off your lips unless you want them to.

Today’s shade, Dedicated, is my favourite of all the Meet Matt(e) Huges shades that I’ve tried so far, and is the most delicious rich, raspberry shade. Exactly the kind of shade that I love to wear!

Now I don’t know whether it’s just this shade, or my swollen lips, but my lips look so plump and full with this lipstick on: I wish it was in a good way but I think I look kind of weird?! Lol… 

If you’ve read my previous posts on the other shades in this range that I’ve tried, you’ll know I absolutely love them: the pigment is insane, the lasting power second to none, and the shades are to die for. Every time I wear one, I seem to like them more and more, and today’s shade gets another major thumbs up.

Are you enjoying my challenge? Today marks six weeks since I started and the weeks seem to be flying by!

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Sorcha 💋

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