Simply Lippy Challenge Day 51 | Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in Shade Kristen

Anastasia Beverly Hills beauty products are hugely popular with makeup artists, celebrities and beauty lovers alike, but unfortunately, still aren’t available to buy in Ireland. So when I was travelling in Australia last November, I made it my mission to buy some bits in Sephora to bring home and try out.

I’ve heard so much hype about their lip gloss range over the last while, so of course me being me, I had to head straight to the shop the day I arrived in Sydney and pick up a few different shades. 

Today’s shade Kristen, is a deep nude, almost brown, with a pink undertone and a super high-shine gloss finish. The colour is opaque, and the pigment is absolutely perfect – exactly as good as I hoped it would be after seeing hundreds of photos over the past few months!

The formula while creamy, is very slightly sticky which bugs me a little, but because the pigment is so good, I think I’ll have to forgive that. It’s neither hydrating or dehydrating, it kind of just sits on your lips leaving no colour stain or moisture, yet still has pretty good lasting power. Plus it smells deliciously of vanilla too.

Though I really like this, I’m not as bowled over by it as much as I thought I would be. Yes it has a fab finish, yes the colour is gorge, yes it has lasting power. But there’s something leaving me a just bit underwhelmed by this.

I feel guilty even saying this because I wanted to be obsessed with it! I do have it in another shade and I am very in love with that one, so I think maybe it’s the colour leaving me undecided here rather than the formula.

Anastasia products overall are very high quality; their brow products and face palettes are to die for. So I’m a big fan. I just had this on such a high pedestal which is maybe why I feel a little deflated.

What do you guys think, gave you tried any Anastasia lip products? I’d love to hear your thoughts so as always comment below and let know! 

Sorcha 💋

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