Review: BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

If you are a beauty lover and follow some of the world’s biggest beauty You Tuber’s, then I’m pretty sure you’ll know who Jaclyn Hill is (if not then go look her up, NOW!).

Apart from being a makeup artist and incredible at doing makeup tutorials on her You Tube channel, she has recently become more well known for the creation of current cult favourite powder highlighter, Champagne Pop, which she created in collaboration with beauty brand, Becca Cosmetics.

Champagne Pop was released in 2015 and quickly became a favourite of many beauty bloggers and makeup lovers alike, including myself. So when she announced the release of an entire face palette last year, I was very excited!

If you love a good highlight and you haven’t seen the Champagne collection face palette yet, then be prepared to fall in love! 

The palette contains five powder shades including two Highlighter shades Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop:

While both are gold in tone, Champange Pop has a more peachy undertone to it, whereas Prosecco Pop is a warm yellow gold. Both are both very finely milled meaning application is super smooth, and the colour pay off is absolutely amazing.

Just look at that glow in the swatches:

The palette also contains two Mineral Blush shades, Amaretto and Pamplemouse, which are like your everyday blush with incredible pigments. You can use these on your cheeks as you normally would a blush, or you can use the Amaretto shade for contouring as well. 

Finally, the last powder in the palette is a luminous blush called Rosé Spritz which has a very shimmery glow to it and makes your regular blush or highlight pop that little bit more when applied over it. 

Ms. Hill recommends using this shade to add a highlight over your blush like I just mentioned, or for highlighting smaller areas of the face like the nose or brow areas. But really, you can use this to highlight anywhere on the face – with or without the other shades because it is so versatile and blendable, and looks absolutely gorgeous on!

In the photos below, you can see step by step how each shade can be used to build and transform cheeks into having a soft dewy glow.

For the first set of photos I’ve used Amaretto, Pamplemouse and Champagne Pop:

Before application with only foundation applied
Shade Amaretto applied as contour
Shade Pamplemouse applied for blush over Amaretto
Champagne Pop applied as Highlight

For the next set of photos, I’ve used the remainder of the shades Rosé Spritz and Prosecco Pop along with Amaretto for contour: 

Amaretto applied as contour
Rosé Spritz applied as blush
Prosecco Pop applied as Highlight

As with many other products, I had been lusting over this for quite some time but wasn’t able to buy it in Ireland when it came out. So of course, when I was in Sephora back in November, this was on the top of my list to purchase (along with my Anastasia brow pencil and lip gloss!).

I’ve been using it so much since I bought it, so much so, that I’m trying to not use it all the time now because I REALLY don’t want it to run out! Well, that is, until I know I’ll be in another Sephora again soon. What am I like?! But this really is just an absolutely perfect face palette in my view, and I reckon it will be a firm favourite of mine for a long time to come yet. It’s just so pretty!

Have you tried this face palette or Champagne Pop? If not, I want to know what your favourite highlighters are so comment below and let me know! 

Sorcha x  

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