Simply Lippy Challenge Day 58 | Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Shade Criminal

How are we all this evening? I hope everyone survived Monday okay, I know I’m glad that it’s over now and we’re already one day closer to Friday!

Today’s lipstick is a new shade that I bought recently from Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick range. If you caught my last Vice lipstick post from Day 28 of the challenge, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of these lippies, as I am with so many Urban Decay products.

Today’s shade, Criminal, is an opaque dark bubblegum pink with a comfort matte finish, and has managed to live up to all the high expectations I had based on how much I’ve loved other shades I’ve worn before from the collection.

This lippy, along with all the other Vice lippies I’ve tried, has great pigment and great colour pay off, application is smooth with no dragging or pulling, and the texture is so nice to wear too. I’ve said before how much I like their comfort matte finishes, and thankfully I still feel the same after trying this out today.

It’s pink which is not usually my go-to shade, in fact I tend to avoid pastels in all aspects of beauty and fashion, but the shade is very versatile and one that I think would suit most, if not all, skin tones.

It is warm and rich toned, and though I don’t think it’s a shade that I’ll wear all the time, I’m enjoying pushing my lipstick boundaries and experimenting with different shades. I’m always going to be drawn to strong, richer colours over pastels, but it was nice to give this a try.

Are any of you Vice lipstick fans? If so, what’s your favourite shade and finish? I want to know what to try next!

In the meantime, don’t forget, I’m sharing all my challenge photos and progress over on my social media pages so come follow me over there. You’ll find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and if you feel like joining me for a cuppa and a chat then I’m over on snapchat too. Just search for @imsimplysorcha.

Sorcha 💋

4 thoughts on “Simply Lippy Challenge Day 58 | Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Shade Criminal

  1. How matte are the comfort matte lipsticks? I’m personally not a fan of shiny satin finished ones nor the super retro matte ones. This looks like a good in between I feel!

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