Simply Lippy Challenge Day 81 | Essence Shine, Shine, Shine Lip Gloss in Shade 08, Indie Romance ï»¿

My lippy choice for Day 81 was a nod to my lip gloss days of old, courtesy of a very pink gloss from Essence.

Essence isn’t a brand I would normally use, there are other budget brands that I really love such as Catrice and NYX, so it’s never really crossed my mind to try anything from them, until I saw these new high shine lip glosses when I was in the chemist the other day.

When I spotted this, the first thing I noticed was the ‘I’m New’ sticker which instantly drew me in so thought to myself, what better time to give one a try.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed. It is high shine so therefore the pigment is sheer as you would expect, and it does have that sticky thing which is slightly irritating. But, it felt nice on the lips and the lasting power wasn’t all that bad for a budget buy and I also really like the curved brush head which made application very easy.

It didn’t have particularly long lasting power, but I wouldn’t expect a high gloss shine to last too long so all-in-all, it was better than I had expected.

I don’t really wear pink glosses, or at least I haven’t since my school days, so it was fun to try something like this out as a nod to times gone by.

However, I think maybe my pink gloss days are behind me for now, so I’m not sure this is really for me.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 79 | Rimmel Provocalips Lip Colour in Shade 110, Dare To Pink

For today’s Simply Lippy lipstick, I chose a soft salmon pink shade from Rimmel’s Provocalips lip duo range.

When I first tried these lip duo’s I was a big fan of the colour and pigment, but did find that the long lasting formula left my lips slightly dry after wearing them.

Up to now, I’ve only tried the darker shades in the range which I like, but today’s shade is much paler as you can see from the photos. As I’m sure you can also see, I’m a bit run down and my lips are particularly dry and sore at the moment which doesn’t lend itself well to this kind of formula.

A word of advice! Don’t wear these if you have sore or chapped lips because once the lipstick dries in, it doesn’t budge, and on dry lips will crack and stick to dry areas rather than blend.

It’s a shame that my lips were so dry today because I did like the shade.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 78 | PS… Matte Long Last Lipstick in Shade Bad Blood

For the past few days I’ve been wearing some very muted tones when it came to my lipstick so for Day 78’s lippy, I decided to go bold again with this deep cool toned red shade from Penneys’ PS… range.

The shade, is a lovely red with a blue undertone and although I don’t usually opt for cool reds, this one has a lovely rich finish which I really like.

If you’ve read my other posts on the PS… matte formula, you’ll already know how much I like it so I won’t delve into that too much.

But at only €2.50, you really cannot go wrong with this matte lip. It is such a good budget buy and one that has quickly become a new favourite.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 77 | Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in Shade, A Short Affair

The shade I wore for Day 77 is a very sheer pink from Wet n Wild’s Silk Finish Lipstick range and is very pink!

Many of you will know that I’m not really a pink girl, I’ve grown accostomed to the odd matte pink throughout my challenge so far which has surprised me, in a good way! But this shade might just be a step too far for me.

When I look at this shade on my lips, I can’t help but think I look ridiculous. It’s very girly, and perhaps a little too 80s teenager for me and my tastes.

That said, the formula is nice enough and overall I do really like the previous Wet n Wild lipsticks I wore on Day 52 and Day 68 of the challenge.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I have some personal things going on at the moment and therefore need to take some time out but I will post as often as I can and appreciate you guys sticking around to follow my challenge updates. 

Sorcha 💋 

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 76 | L’Oreal Infallible Matte Lip Color in Shade 401, Amen

Today’s lippy choice was a lovely liquid matte liquid from L’Oreal, and one which I have never tried before. I picked this up when out shopping last weekend and have to say, I’m very impressed.

The formula feels very luxurious on the lips, much more so than I was expecting, and has a lovely rich, creamy texture. It takes a while to dry in compared to other liquid mattes, but I kind of like that.

The colour is what I would describe as a creamy caramel, a great everyday shade for work or play.

You may have noticed that my Simply Lippy posts have been shorter and later than normal over the past few days. Please bear with me, we unfortunately have some personal things going on at the moment so I have had to take a little time out.

I promise I will be back to regular posting soon.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 74 | Clarins Lip Pencil in Shade 01, Nude Fair

Do you ever have one of those days where quite literally, everything goes wrong? Well, that was me today. It was just one of those days that I would love to punch in the face then have a good cry over. Not to be dramatic or anything of course…!

Anyway, because of that and because I’m just feeling a bit down, I’m going to switch off for the night and take some time out. But of course, before I do that, here’s a quick look at my lippy choice for today.

Today I opted for something different, and decided to wear a lip liner all over my lips because I liked the shade so much. The lip liner is a Clarins one, and the shade Nude Fair, is a lovely peach toned nude, which gives the lips a similar finish to good matte lipstick.

The lip liner itself is very creamy, and more like a lip crayon in texture, and I absolutely love that in a liner because it makes it very easy to both apply and blend. Plus, the colour stayed put pretty much all day long which is always a positive for me.

All in all I really like this, and definitely see myself wearing it again both as a liner and a lippy!

It’s now time for me to go have some R&R, so I’ll catch you all tomorrow for Day 75. 

Sorcha 💋