Simply Lippy Challenge Day 102 | Catrice Ombré Lipstick in Shade 010, Rockabilly Rose Wood

I’m sure by now, you all know of my love for Catrice lipsticks, so I don’t need to get into how much I like them again in this post. But, what I will say is, their new ombré collection is definitely my favourite of all.

A few weeks back, you may remember I tried one out for the first time in Shade Grapedation Nude and loved both the formula and colour. For Day 102, I tried my second shade in the range, Rockabilly Rose Wood, and I think I love this even more.

The two shades are gorgeous with the liner shade more of a wine/plum colour and the lighter shade a creamy pink nude. Whereas grapedation was more red toned, this definitely has more of a berry tone and exactly the kind of tone that I’m drawn to.

One other thing I love about these lippies is the vanilla scent, I’m not always a fan of scented products, but with this, it just adds to the creaminess or something, and is so moisturising on the lips.

If you’ve been thinking about trying an ombré lip, I would seriously recommend giving these a go. They are so reasonably priced, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Excuse the lack of photos, but I was rushing out while writing this post so didn’t get a chance to get a proper face photo. Instead, I’ve shared this one of me and my bestie out at Ed Sheeran. The perfect lip colour for a girls night out!

Sorcha 💋

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