Simply Lippy Challenge Day 117 | Wet n Wild Matte Lipstick in Shade E904B, Rose-Wood

If you caught my Day 68 or Day 94 Simply Lippy posts, you will already know that I’ve become a fan of Wet n Wild matte lipsticks.

In those two posts I wore two gorgeous shades, Purty Persimmon and Coral-ine, which I was sent by the lovely people in Wet n Wild to try out. In a nutshell, I really loved both lipsticks, so much so, I went out and bought a few more to add to my challenge list.

Today’s shade Rose-Wood, is a gorgeous deep rose shade with a very slight pink undertone and I absolutely love it. The pigment is as good as some of the more expensive lipsticks I’ve tried, and I really love the matte formula too.

The formula is very matte so might be a bit drying for some, but I haven’t had any issues with dryness or flakeyness which you do sometimes get with mattes.

It isn’t hydrating, but the formula is creamy enough to allow for a nice even application, and the staying power is really great. I honestly have become such a big fan of these and am so happy I’ve discovered them. I mean, for €2.50, you really can’t go wrong lads can you?! 

Have any of you tried these yet? If so please let me know because I’m really dying to hear your thoughts!

Sorcha 💋

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