Simply Lippy Challenge Day 122 | Maybelline Intensive Lip Paint in Shade 610, Stripped Down

Well, the bank holiday is over and another week has begun. I don’t know where the days are going to at the moment, today I had a super busy day in work and was late getting home so tonight’s post is going to be a quick one.

For today’s Simply Lippy choice, I wore a lip paint from Maybelline that I hadn’t tried before, but really quite like which was a pleasant surprise given that the last Maybelline lipstick I tried for the challenge on Day 86 wasn’t that great at all.

Never one to shy away from a challenge however, I spotted these lip paints in Penneys over the weekend and decided to give Maybelline another try. And honestly, I’m glad I did.

Apart from really liking the colour, the consistency is very creamy with a lovely pigment, and I really liked the sponge applicator brush and how easy it was to apply too. Just one quick swipe left a gorgeous coverage meaning there was very little effort involved with this at all.

The formula wasn’t particularly moisturising even though it had a creamy texture, but it wasn’t drying either and had pretty good lasting power throughout the day.

I wouldn’t say I loved it, but I definitely liked it a hell of a lot more than the last Maybelline lippy I tried, and think I might look for some other shades in the range to compare it with.

Sorcha 💋

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