Simply Lippy Challenge Day 127 | L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Shade 373, Magnetic Coral

If you caught my lipstick post from day 80 of my lipstick challenge, you will have seen me try out one of L’Oreal’s colour riche lipsticks in a lovely rose nude shade. It was my first time to try one of these lipsticks and I liked it so much, that I couldn’t wait to try it in another shade.

So when I was out shopping a few days ago, I decided to look at some of the other shades in the range, and came across the most gorgeous coral orange that I fell totally in love with, and of course, had to buy.

And what better day to try it out than a gorgeous sunny day like today. Or so I thought…

The colour is divine, and I love it, but that’s where the positives end for me. I don’t know whether I got a dud lippy or whether this is just the way the formula is, but the texture is just awful.

When I first applied it I thought there was some dust on my lips, but quickly I realised that it was actually the texture of the lipstick itself. It has the exact same texture as sand, and honestly, it was not pleasant at all.

Staying true to the challenge, I didn’t want to take the lipstick off so after applying a few layers to build up the colour, I tried to blend my lips together and remove as much of the gritty feel as possible.

The formula does have a shimmery finish to it that may be the reason for the gritty texture, but I would have much preferred the gorgeous soft finish of the Bois de Rose shade I tried previously. 

The colour was nice but it didn’t last at all on my lips, probably because I was constantly puckering and rubbing my lips together to get rid of the sand like feeling.

It really was just a major fail from start to finish and I didn’t enjoy wearing it at all. That being said, if they made this colour in a different finish, I’d be the first to buy it because it’s a gorgeous shade for a sunny day.

Sorcha 💋

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