Simply Lippy Challenge Day 143 | Penneys PS… Liquid Lipstick in Shade 15, Nude

Eeek I know, I’m a little late with my posts this week, so sorry guys but I’ve had one helluva week in work. Thankfully, things are calming down a bit now so I can get back to my challenge posts.

On Tuesday, I wore one of Penneys’ (Primark) liquid lipsticks in a lovely nude shade. If you caught my post from the last time I wore this lippy in a gorgeous Hot Pink, you will know that the thing I liked most about the formula was the colour pay off. 

The pigment in this is just so good, even in a nude shade, and it gives a lovely caramel-like pop to the lips which has a warm, almost orange tone to it.

As for the formula, the texture is smooth and quite thick, but like any gloss lip, does need to be reapplied throughout the day. So I wouldn’t say the staying power is great, but to me, that’s its only real downfall.

There is some slight stickiness to it, but nothing too annoying, and I think the shade is a great all-year round shade which would work well in any season.

For a budget lippy, you really can’t go wrong with this, especially if you’re someone who likes a high-shine gloss look!

Do you prefer lip gloss or lipstick? I want to hear your thoughts! I never would have worn much gloss before my challenge but it’s definitely been growing on me over the past few months so if there’s any you think I should try then let me know.

Sorcha 💋

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