Simply Lippy Challenge Day 145 | Clinique Lip Duo Long Last Glosswear Lipgloss in Shade 4, Sunset

Last week I wore one of these lovely Clinique lipstick and lip gloss duos for the first time in a raspberry shade and really liked it.

One thing I noticed about it at the time however, was that both the lipstick and the lip gloss elements were lovely colours individually and so today, I decided to split the duo up and try one element on its own.

The shade I opted for is a lovely shimmery gold lip gloss shade called Sunset, which has a caramel tone to it and gives a lovely soft metallic shine to the lips when you apply it.

It’s one of those lip products that’s hard to photograph because though it is shimmery, it’s not glittery, and tends to look different in different light. Today was a gorgeous sunny day in Dublin and at times, it really looked like I had a metallic lip which I absolutely loved!

Because of the sheer finish, the pigment itself isn’t amazing, but that’s where the shimmer particles help because in this case, they add another dimension to the gloss.

It is a little sticky to wear which can be annoying, and after trying this separately, I do think I prefer the impact you get from pairing the gloss and lipsticks together, especially as the lipstick reduces the gloss ever so slightly giving it more of a semi-gloss finish.

I’m glad I tried the gloss on its own as I’ve never worn a Clinique lip gloss before, and I did like the natural gold shade. It’s definitely a handy one for when you want a shine neutral lip look.

Sorcha 💋

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