Simply Lippy Challenge Day 148 | NYX Butter Gloss in Shade, Peach Cobbler

If you’ve been keeping an eye on my challenge, you will know that over the past few months I’ve become quite the fan of NYX Butter Gloss, mainly due to its soft vinyl-like glossy finish.

Yesterday I tried out my third butter gloss shade, Peach Cobbler, which definitely had more of a red undertone than peach or coral, but was a gorgeous orange red shade nonetheless and one that I loved wearing.

Lip glosses have never been my preference over lipstick, but I’ve definitely begun to like them more after trying products like this one because, the dreaded sticky lip hair dilemma isn’t an issue at all.

I think over the years that’s what maybe put me off gloss, but now that better options exist on the market, you can achieve a very high-shine lip look without the annoyance of getting blinded by the hair stuck to your lips, which, if you haven’t already guessed, really was a pet hate of mine!

But apart from zero stickiness, the texture of the gloss is very smooth; the consistency is thick without being too thick, and though sheer, has a nice pigment to it which glides on so easily.

I find these glosses great for every day wear especially when you’re out and about and want a subtle on-the-go lip look. They have just enough pigment to give a gorgeous pop of colour but won’t overpower your makeup which means they can easily be paired with either a bold or neutral eye too.

You will have to reapply as the day goes on like you would any gloss lippy, but the staying power isn’t bad and I think they are a great versatile, all-rounder lippy option.

Sorcha 💋

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