Simply Lippy Challenge Day 141 | DuWop Private Lipstick in Shade Red

For today’s lipstick shade I decided to wear the final lipstick from the DuWop mini lipstick trio I bought a couple of months ago.

You may remember that I wasn’t at all impressed by the first shade I wore from the set, Nude, but I was proven a little wrong when I wore my second shade , Plum, which looked and felt a lot better than the first.

I thought my change of opinion was down to the fact that the pigment wasn’t good in the nude shade as it was much nicer in Plum, and because of that, the lasting power was better too.  But unfortunately today, I’m veering back towards my original opinion on these.

First off, the pigment on today’s Red shade is quite nice, and the colour pay off is very good after just one application. But my big problem with it is the wet-like consistency. There is just very little creaminess, if any, and therefore I’m left feeling a bit ‘meh’.

The lasting power is fine, and there is a slight stain element with the pigment, but it doesn’t seem to be as good as it was with the plum shade which I really liked.

The red is a cool toned red and actually, is nice enough given that cool tones aren’t usually my go-to. So, it’s not that this lipstick is very bad, it’s just that it doesn’t do much for me. I like rich, creamy formula’s especially with satin finishes, and this just doesn’t have either.

I’ve tried it, it was grand but, I won’t be trying it again!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 140 | Clinique Lip Duo Colour & Shine in Shade Raspberry Glacé & Kissyfit

For today’s lippy choice, I opted to wear this very pretty lipstick and lipgloss duo from Clinique in a bright pink shade. I’ve never tried these before but got this as a gift recently and decided to try it out.

Both the lipstick and the lipgloss have a slight shimmer to them, but aren’t glittery which I really like. Though very similar shades, the lipstick shade Raspberry Glacé, is very slightly darker and gives a lovely base colour to the lips.

I’m sometimes dubious of lip duos as I think one product should be enough, but I really like the combination of both in this particular one. The lipstick has a gorgeous pigment, with a satin shine finish, but when you add a layer of the Kissyfit gloss over it, it adds an extra dimension to it that almost gives a metallic like finish which is fab.

The shade itself is a lovely rich raspberry, and I’m sure many of you know by now, I’m always drawn to stronger tones rather than pastels – and that’s not just in lipstick, it’s in everything I wear. I love the impact of strong shades and I really love the colour that this gives.

The lasting power was also very good, I thought it wouldn’t be great with the gloss finish but it stayed in place pretty well throughout the day (even after giving my friend’s gorgeous baby boy lots of lipstick kisses!).

Have any of you tried these Clinique duos before? As always, I want to hear all your lipstick thoughts and recommendations so make sure you comment below and let me know!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 139 | Penneys PS Lustre Lipstick in Shade, Barely There

Ladies, I’m a little late with yesterday’s Simply Lippy post – I was working late and out last night so I just didn’t have a second to write my post. But, the lipstick I wore, is a little gem.

Penneys have been killing it with their beauty releases lately, and I’m sure many of you know, I’ve become a big fan of some of their lippies. There are one or two I’ve tried that haven’t been great, but I absolutely love their matte collection, and yesterday I tried out this lippy from their lustre collection which I was so generously sent during the week to try out and I really love it too.

The shade I wore, Barely There, is a barely there nude which has a caramel pink undertone to it. Now, I know that sounds strange, but it looks like caramel in the tube, but when you apply it, it has a pink feel about it which I really liked.

The formula itself is gorgeously creamy, and glides on the lips like an absolutely dream. The pigment is very impressive for a budget lippy, and it layers really well to build up a lovely colour without dragging it at all.

I did have to reapply it a few times, but nothing out of the norm for a creamy finish lipstick, and I loved how smooth it felt throughout the day.

I really liked wearing this and so it’s a big thumbs up once again for Penneys; I’ll definitely be trying this out in a few more shades!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 138 | Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick in Shade, Better Make A Mauve

Well, Thursday is over which can mean only one thing; the weekend is now well and truly in sight! I was working late this evening so tonight’s post is going to be a very quick one, albeit a positive one.

You all know what a big fan I am of Catrice lipsticks, but I had never tried one of their high shine lip glosses until this one today which my gorgeous sister-in-law gave me as a gift.

The shade Better Make A Mauve, has the same name as one of their cushion lipsticks I wore a few weeks ago, but the colour on today’s shade is much deeper. So, needless to say, I’m a bit confused as to why they have the same name, especially as they both have gloss finishes.

Today’s version of the shade is a deep brown toned mauve, with a very slight hint of a pink undertone, and it feels thick and creamy on application without any stickiness.

The finish also has a hint of silver glitter to it; it doesn’t have a glitter look, but adds something extra to give a high shine impact when you wear it. The pigment is much better in this lippy than in the cushion version, and because of that, has a much richer tone.

The lasting power was ok, I wouldn’t say it was amazing, but probably about the same as other high shine gloss lippies. Overall I liked it, it’s a very wearable shade and makes your lips feel super smooth and glossy!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 137 | KKW x Kylie Cosmetics Creme Liquid Lipstick in Shade Kimberly

Well ladies, if you’ve seen any of my social media pages over the past few days, you will know that my Kim Kardashion for Kylie Cosmetics cream liquid lipstick set finally arrived, and let me tell you, I was like a child on Christmas morning when I opened them up.

I never bought any of the Kylie lip kits, I just kind of felt that there was too much hype for them to live up to any expectations I might have, and so I decided not to jump on that bandwagon.

However, when I spotted the new nudes collaboration from Kim Kardashion, I loved the look of both the shades and the packaging so much, I just couldn’t resist buying them.

Today I wore my first shade in the collection, a brown toned nude called Kimberly, that actually looks much browner in the swatch than it does on my lips. In fact, I was pretty surprised by how pale this was once I applied it. 

I layered it up a few times to try build the color, but while it was filling the lips a bit more, layering didn’t make the shade any darker. The consistency is quite a wet creamy liquid, so it’s hard to build the color as it drags slightly when you apply – there really is no drying or setting time with this at all, and as you can see from the photos, the coverage isn’t that good.

Because of that, I found the formula just didn’t last that long on my lips throughout the day, and I reapplied it a good few times to keep the colour. So basically, first impressions haven’t been that amazing to be honest.

What I do really like about it however, is the creamy feel, which does moisturise your lips and makes them feel super smooth and soft both during and after you wear.

I’m not bursting with excitement over it I have to say, which is such a shame because I was so excited to use this. I do like it because of the creamy formula, but I just wish the consistency was thicker and the pigment, bolder and longer lasting.

I’m slightly worried that the paler shades are going to look far too pale when I wear them because I thought this one would be a lot darker than it actually is. But, I’m looking forward to trying them out and seeing if they leave me feeling a little more than underwhelmed.

Have any of you lovely ladies tried these yet? I really want to hear your thoughts because I want to love these so much but I’m just not sure that I will!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 136 | NYX Butter Gloss in Shade Maple Blondie

I wore one of these NYX butter gloss lippies a few weeks back; it was my first time to try them and I quickly became a fan of their creamy gloss finish.

Last time I wore a gorgeous peach shade called Apple Strudle, and today, I’m trying out my second shade from the range called Naked Blondie.

This shade is more pink than peach, but still has the same lovely finish that the other shade had. Once again, the pigment is really good considering the slightly sheer formula, and the gloss feels lovely and smooth on the lips.

The first time I wore this, I did feel it had some slight stickiness, but today I didn’t really notice that at all. I think maybe because I wore a very sticky gloss yesterday from Bare Minerals, this gloss today felt much smoother and creamier compared to that.

With the lip challenge, I’m obviously only giving products one day to judge them, which let’s be honest, isn’t a huge amount of time. I usually wear / try products for at least a couple of weeks before writing about them because different factors effect how a product is on you. 

For the purposes of my challenge though as you all know, is to wear a different one each day, so sometimes what I think of something first time around, may change slightly second time.

So, while my opinion of this hasn’t changed; I liked it the first time, I like it this time; it did definitely felt less sticky and more velvety on my lips this time around.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 135 | Bare Minerals Marvellous Moxie Lip Gloss in Shade Rule Breaker

As lippies go, lip glosses are probably the product that I wear the least. I tend to prefer cream and matte finishes over high shine or high gloss, but every now and again it’s nice to mix things up a bit like I did today.

The Marvellous Moxie lip gloss range from Bare Minerals is very nice as glosses go, and the shade I wore today, is a lovely barely there nude with a sheer gold metallic finish that has an almost shimmery look to it.

Now, this is a high shine gloss so I did have the hair sticking to my lips situation, especially as it was quite windy this evening. So I did find that a little annoying, I’m not going to lie.

However, the feel of this is very soft on application, and doesn’t feel overly sticky when you wear it. I loved the gold sheen to the shade, it’s something quite different for me, and unlike many other glosses, it actually made my lips feel quite soft and moisturised too.

The best thing about the gloss for me is the menthol element because I love anything minty. Plus, I weirdly like products that make my lips tingle slightly; I’ve no idea why, but it makes me feel like they are working wonders in the background or something!

Anyway, weirdness aside, overall I quite liked wearing this today. I don’t think it’ll make me like lip glosses any more than I do now, but I would definitely wear this one again.

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 134 | Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm in Shade 300, Viva Violet

You may remember a few months back, on Day 41, I wrote about Rimmel’s colour rush balm in a lovely nude shade called Drive Me Nude. I love these lip crayons which I discovered for the first time last year, and today, I’m trying out a new shade called Viva Violet.

The shade is a very bright purple violet colour, with a pink undertone which almost has a fuchsia feel to it, and is the perfect bright lippy to match the lovely sunny weather we’re currently having in Dublin.

Apart from the pigment being brilliant, one of the things I like most about this lip crayon is the fact that they are so moisturising and hydrating to wear. It definitely feels like a balm, and makes your lips feel so soft both during and after you wear it.

They have really good staying power with a cream, slightly gloss finish, and are a great on-the-go lippy. So, if you’re looking for a good all rounder product that can hydrate your lips while adding a pop of colour too, then these are definitely a good option.

I really liked wearing this the last time, and I still feel the same about the formula after wearing this new shade today.

Plus, at just €7.99, I think they are a great bargain buy!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 133 | MAC Amplified Lipstick in Shade Impassioned

For me, today’s lipstick really needs no introduction because the gorgeous, bright colour speaks for itself. It’s no secret how much I love MAC lipsticks, and yesterday as I was out shopping, I decided to treat myself to a few new lippies.

Impressioned is a deep, rich salmon shade of pink that has a neon pop to it, and the minute I saw it I fell completely in love. Pair this lippy with a bit of sunshine, and bam you’ve got the most perfect Summer makeup look.

The amplified range of lipsticks are all stunning, but this one is particularly lovely, and I also like the cream finish. It has an opaque colour as you can see from the photos, and is so easy to both wear and apply.

One of the best things about the amplified range is the lasting power. It holds its colour really well throughout the day, and keeps your lips nicely moisturised so that you’re lips will be popping for hours on end.

I had a bit of a stressful day today, but this lippy kept me smiling throughout. It may sound silly, but lipstick has the power to do that for me, especially when it’s a bright, fun, happy shade like this one!

Sorcha 💋

Simply Lippy Challenge Day 132 | DuWop Private Lipstick in Shade Plum

Okay, there must be something in the air ladies because when I tried my first lipstick from DuWop a few weeks ago, I wasn’t all that impressed by it. It’s not that I didn’t like it or that it was bad per se, it just didn’t really wow me, and I wasn’t a fan of the shade.

However, that lipstick was part of a mini trio set that I bought, so I had two more shades to try out, and today I tried my second shade, Plum. Which as I’m sure you can guess, was a plum shade and what’s more, I really like it!

For me I would say it’s more brown toned than the berry tone you’d expect from a plum usually, but, the pigment was really good and the shade lovely nonetheless.

The formula as I mentioned in my last post, isn’t particularly creamy, but it does have a soft finish, and the colour glides on easily and blends very well on the lips.

I think the thing that struck me most with this shade today was the nice stain effect it gave. It’s not quite a full lip stain, but the colour really stayed put all day long, meaning I only had to reapply it once or twice.

Tonight I’m off out for dinner and drinks for a triple celebratory night, and wanted to obviously go a bit bolder on my makeup look compared to my usual go-to simple day application.

I decided to go with a dark brown eye and I think it really compliments the lipstick shade too, giving it a bolder impact for an evening look.

I still wouldn’t say I love this, but I was very impressed with both the pigment and colour, so it has definitely gone up in my estimation.

Hope you all have a lovely Friday whatever you’re up to!

Sorcha 💋