Simply Lippy Challenge Day 161 | Catrice Ombré Two Tone Lipstick in Shade 050, Please Tell Rosie

It’s no secret by now how much I love these duo two-tone lipsticks from Catrice. Ever since I tried my first shade from the range, Grapedation Nude, I fell in love with them and haven’t looked back since.

My Day 161 shade as the name Please Tell Rosie suggests, is a combination of pink and a gorgeous peachy rose, not dissimilar to Rockabilly Rose Wood which I wore on Day 102 and absolutely loved also.

Apart from the brilliant pigment, and the very clear distinction between the liner and lipstick shades, these lipsticks are just divine to wear. They are creamy, moisturising, hydrating, and give your lips a gorgeous silky, smooth finish.

I also love the vanilla scent that accompanies it; usually strong scents put me off products, but in this case, the scent really adds to the creamy impact of the lippy.

There’s nothing new to add to this post that I haven’t said in previous posts on this range, other than the fact that every time I wear one, I like them more and more. Well worth the investment if you ask me!

Have any of you tried these yet? Let me know by commenting below because I’d love to hear what you guys think too!

Sorcha 💋

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