Simply Lippy Challenge Day 163 | Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour in Shade 740, HD Coral

Until today, I had never tried any lipstick from Revlon, but I spotted this in Boots a few weeks ago and couldn’t resist trying out the gorgeous coral colour.

Like most products, before trying it out I did some research about it online and discovered that one of the main ingredients in this lippy is hyaluronic acid which is incredibly hydrating, so naturally, that made me very excited to put this to the rest.

After just one application, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that not only is the lipstick hydrating, it is super creamy and feels gorgeous on the lips. It glides on like a dream, and although the finish is slightly sheer, the pigment is still very good.

This was one of those lipsticks that I just loved wearing throughout the day. It lasts well, the colour is lovely, it feels great on and most of all, it smells delicious too! 

Without a doubt, I am definitely a Revlon convert after trying this out and can’t wait to buy a few more shades and add them to my challenge list!

Sorcha đź’‹

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