Simply Lippy Challenge Day 168 | MAC Matte Lipstick in Shade, Mangrove

As I’m off to my gorgeous friends wedding today, this post is going to be very short and sweet, yet definitely worth a read because I think I have discovered a new favourite lippy shade, yay!

Although a gorgeous sunny day in Dublin, and a scorcher to beat, my dress for the day is dark and sparkly so I decided I wanted to opt for a bold coral lip to brighten up my overall look.

After some searching through endless swatches online for the perfect coral, I came across this gorgeous coral red from MAC called Mangrove, which let’s be honest, I’ve don’t how I haven’t found it before now because it’s so gorgeous!

Many of you will already know my love for Lady Danger, one of my all-time favourite lippies, and this shade isn’t a million miles away from that. It has the same matte finish, the only real difference being that the tone in Mangrove is more red than orange, but it’s a fab coral and I have totally fallen in love with it!

In hindsight I think my dress is far too wintery for the day that’s in it, but you never know what the Irish weather is going to bring!

But because of that, I’m so glad I went with a bright shade that added the fab pop of colour my outfit most definitely needed. Plus, MAC mattes have incredible staying power so are perfect for a day when you need your lippy to stay put!

Sorcha 💋

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