Simply Lippy Challenge Day 170 | Bourjois Color Boost Gloss Lipstick in Shade 02, Fuchsia Libre

For Day 170, I opted for a lovely bright glossy pink lip courtesy of Bourjois. Though I have tried several Bourjois lipsticks over the years, I had never tried this Colour Boost crayon and have to say, I really liked it.

The crayon formula isn’t as creamy as some other lip crayons I’ve tried, but it still glides on to the lips very easily leaving a lovely pop of colour after just one layer, which I was pleasantly surprised by, given its sheer finish.

In terms of lasting power, I wouldn’t say it’s amazing, but it’s not bad, and it does leave your lips feeling very soft and smooth throughout the day. I didn’t find it hydrating but the moisturising element is there which is always a bonus when it comes to a budget friendly lipstick.

Overall I really liked this, I’m a fan of lip crayons anyway, but I definitely think I’ll be trying out more colour boost shades over the next while.

Have any of you guys ever tried this Bourjois lippy? If not, what’s your favourite lip crayon? Let me know!

Sorcha 💋 

7 thoughts on “Simply Lippy Challenge Day 170 | Bourjois Color Boost Gloss Lipstick in Shade 02, Fuchsia Libre

  1. Hi Sorcha, I used to have a lip crayon really similar to this one but from Clinique (the “chubby stick”). I remember I had the ‘Oversized Orange’ color and it was quite moisturizing, I liked it. I never tried this one from Bourjois, but I own their “Rouge Edition Velvet Matte” lipstick (color ’07 Nude-ist’). It’s a weird one, I can’t feel it on my lips and I almost forget I’m wearing lipstick (not sure if that’s good or bad)! 😅

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    1. Hi Ines, ah the chubby sticks are so lovely to wear. I think they might be the best of all the lip crayons, I love the formula. I never tried one in an orange shade so I may have to try that shade! I totally know what you mean about the velvet matte lipsticks too, they dry in so you don’t feel like you’re wearing anything. But I think once they don’t make your lips dry then it’s not a bad thing?! Hope you’re well! X

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