Simply Lippy Challenge Day 183 | Catrice Lip Colour in Shade C02, Fuchsia’s Flower

I’m pretty sure most of you already know that Catrice is one of my favourite, if not favourite, budget beauty brands. I’m a big fan of so many of their products, especially their lipsticks which I’ve really come to love over the past while.

Today’s lippy however is a new release and therefore one I hadn’t tried before, so when I spotted it in Penneys the other day, I knew I had to buy it.

Firstly, can we take a moment for the super cute slimline gold packaging? I love the shape and the gold casing makes it look very high end. I’ve always been a sucker for packaging so this pleases me, a lot!

The lipstick itself is actually more like a balm which I didn’t know when I first bought it. One of the reasons I like Catrice lippies so much is because of their fab pigments, so I was a little worried this wouldn’t live up to that.

However, I’m happy to say, even though the consistency was balm like, it was very creamy and moisturising, and the pigment was pretty good for a sheer finish formula.

I thought it would be more coral than pink, but it was nice nonetheless and my lips felt amazing after wearing this for the day. They were smooth and soft, and definitely more hydrated than when I first applied it.

As the finish was sheer, the staying power wasn’t great, but if you think of it as a balm rather than a lipstick, then it’s pretty much on par with that.

Overall I really liked this lippy, and on a hot Summer’s day, it was the perfect light look for a day in the sun!

Sorcha 💋

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