Simply Lippy Challenge Day 197 | NYX Butter Lipstick in Shade BLS21, Staycation

Over recent years NYX is a brand that has really grown on me. I use their vinyl liquid eyeliner all the time, and many of their lipsticks and glosses that I’ve tried throughout the challenge so far, have been lovely. I think today however, I have discovered my new favourite product from the brand; butter lipstick.

I’ve tried several of their butter glosses over the past few months, and really liked the vinyl non-sticky finish, so I was intrigued to see whether I would like the butter lipstick as much. And not only do I like it as much, I think I like it more!

The formula is extremely creamy without being to thick or thin in consistency, and is super smooth which allows for a gorgeous, even application. I just love how this felt on my lips all day, it has a luxurious feel that really is ‘buttery’ and my lips felt so soft throughout.

The pigment is also gorgeous with great colour pay off; this shade is a deep rose pink shade with a slightly creamy gloss finish and sometimes as you know glossier finishes can be sheer, but this wasn’t sheer at all and was very true to the packaging shade.

The staying power was also good, not quite as good as a matte but still very good, and I didn’t have to reapply too much during the day. 

I definitely will be wearing this again, amd buying more shades to try out over the next while!

Sorcha 💋

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