Simply Lippy Challenge Day 206 | Too Faced Sweet Peach Lipgloss in Shade Pure Peach

When I was in Madrid, I finally got to pick up one of the lip glosses from Too Faced’s Sweet Peach range. I’ve been admiring these online for ages so naturally, was very excited when I finally got my hands on one.

As with all glosses, I was dubious about whether this would be sticky, but it is quite the opposite. It has the most gorgeous creamy finish and because of its oil based ingredients of peach oil and coconut oil, it feels more vinyl like with absolutely no greasyness.

The colour itself is probably a little on the pale side for me as I do prefer more prominent colours, but, I’ve been wearing a lot of bold shades over the past week, so this was a welcome change and it was nice to wear something a bit more natural and less full-on.

My lips felt so smooth all day while wearing it and while it does need to be reapplied for to it’s glossy finish, I didn’t really mind that because it felt so good applying it.

I’m definitely sold on these and can’t wait to try another shade, only next time, I think I’ll buy one a bit darker in tone.

Sorcha 💋

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