Simply Lippy Challenge Day 209 | Wet n Wild Megalast Matte Lipstick in Shade 905D, Smokin’ Hot Pink

I’m sure you already know that as budget lipsticks go, Wet n Wild is one of those brands that has really surprised me over the past few months. Some of their lipsticks I have liked more than others, but one I’ve become a big fan of is their Megalast collection.

These lipsticks initially give you the impression of being quite dry, but once you start to blend on the lips, the creamy element comes through and they blend much easier than you would expect.

Not only do they blend easily however, the pigment is bold and brilliant, and you get excellent colour pay off from just a few light layers of application, especially with a bright shade like this one.

It’s not a hydrating lipstick, but I definitely think it gives some moisurisation as it’s not drying, and has a soft cream finish which feels really nice to wear.

I did reapply it during the day but only once, and that was after eating lunch. So if it’s staying power you’re after, then this is a brilliant budget friendly option.

Have any of you tried these Wet n Wild lippies? As always, send your thoughts and comments my way as I’d love to hear what you think.

Sorcha 💋

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