Simply Lippy Challenge Day 225 | Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Lipstick in Shade 22, Abricoquette

So far throughout my challenge, I have tried two of these lipsticks from Bourjois, one which I’ve had for a good while and one which I bought new, but after trying today’s shade, I’m wondering why I bothered buying another.

I’ve been in two minds about these, mainly because I just didn’t think the pigment was all that great, and staying power is nothing to write home about either. But, after deciding to give these a second go a few months ago with shade, So Hap’pink, I was beginning to think the pigment might be okay but no, no it’s not.

While the pigment was nicer and the matte finish much better in the last shade, in this one they were both pretty disasterous. The formula was wet, pulled and dragged all the other colour underneath, and blended so unevenly across the lips.

What is meant to be a medium to full coverage matte lipstick, looked more like a sheer wet cream that had split or something, and really did not look good on my lips at all.

It’s a shame really because I liked the look of the colour on the applicator brush and the smooth texture seems so promising in for the first few seconds of application.

It may be the case that this formula and lighter shades just do not go together, but whatever the reason, I’m very disappointed with this and won’t be wearing it again.

Sorcha 💋

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