Simply Lippy Challenge Day 252 | Penneys Peachy Keen Lip Soufflé 

Penneys (Primark for my non-Irish readers), have been absolutely killing it with their beauty releases lately. The quality of some of their products is really good, and today’s lippy is another little gem.

I’m not sure how new this lippy is, it definitely wasn’t in stores a few months ago, but it’s part of a peach range that I came across when I was picking up some bits the other day.

Peachy Keen, is a lovely soft lip gloss that has quite a vinyl-like feel to it, and is very good quality for a gloss. When I applied this, I was really impressed by the soft feel of the formula, as well as the non-sticky finish which felt quite velvety once applied.

The shade itself is quite pink and I was expecting more of a peach shade. Nonetheless, the pigment isn’t bad for a gloss finish, and as glosses go, it’s one of the nicer ones that I’ve tried.

I’m not a huge gloss fan in general as many of my regular readers will know; I definitely prefer a lipstick to a lip gloss. In saying that however, it is nice to wear one every now and then and I really liked wearing this one today.

You don’t get any moisturising element or hydration with this so my lips did feel like they needed a bit of balm by the end of the day, but the formula itself wasn’t drying.

Given the €2.50 price point, this is a pretty good budget gloss option if you like a gloss, and the size is very handy for throwing in your handbag when you’re on the go too!

Sorcha 💋

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