Simply Lippy Challenge Day 263 | Shiseido Rouge Rouge Lipstick in Shade OR417, Fire Topaz

There’s nothing I love more in this world than a bright lipstick, and today’s shade might just be one of the best and brightest that I’ve tried for a while.

Up to now, I’ve always associated Shiseido with skincare; I’m not sure why really, but I never really thought of makeup, or lipstick, when I thought of the brand. However, when out wandering in the Tenerife shops, this stunning bright orange shade caught my eye and the rest as they say, is, history.

In the same way a magpie is drawn to shiny objects, I am drawn to bright lipsticks. And if that bright lipstick is orange or coral in tone, then I’m a gonner. There’s just no resisting a bright orange lip, particularly when away on holidays!

This orange is the perfect orange; it’s slightly muted so it’s not neon or super bright, but it’s bright enough to make an impact and that’s good enough for me. Just a few light layers of this and I got the pop of colour I was hoping for, made all the more better by its lovely formula.

The formula is creamy but not too creamy, it blends perfectly, and is very easy to apply. The finish is matte which makes the staying power pretty good too, even in the heat of the Tenerife sun. I did have to reapply after eating, but I’ve a sneaking suspicion that’s more to do with the heat than the formula.

I love nothing more than discovering a new lipstick brand, and while I’m aware that Shiseido has been around for quite some time, I just can’t believe I haven’t tried any of their makeup products before now.

I’m a little gutted I won’t get to wear this again during my holiday, but I’ll definitely be looking forward to wearing it again when my challenge is over.

Sorcha 💋

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