Simply Lippy Challenge Day 277 | Catrice Volumizing Lip Booster Gloss in Shade 040, Nuts About Mary

If you’ve been following my challenge from the very beginning, you may recall the first time I wore one of the Catrice Volumizing lip boosters. It was back in January, and also my first day in my new job. Quite honestly that feels like a lifetime ago now, and I can’t quite believe that my Simply Lippy Challenge is still going strong.

These lip glosses have very nuetral shades and although today’s one looks rich in the tube, when you apply it, you get just a very slight tint of colour on the lips. This shade has a lovely caramel tone to it, and is a good choice for a day when you want a relaxed, natural makeup look.

As many of you know, I kind of have a love or hate relationship with lip gloss; it takes a lot for me to wear one over a lipstick, but this range is one that I have been liking for a while.

The formula is non-sticky with a high shine gloss finish, and it blends very easily on application. It also has quite a medium to thick consistency which gives it a slight vinyl texture making your lips feel soft as you wear it.

The main quality, and its best in my opinion, is the plumping effect it gives to your lips. For some reason, this one didn’t feel as tingly initially as the first one I tried which really makes you feel like it’s working, but my lips definitely did feel fuller when I had it on.

As glosses go it’s not a bad option. I am a bit of a sucker for lippies that have peppermint  scent or anything menthol so that’s probably why I like this. I wouldn’t be running out to the shop to buy another one, but if you’re a big gloss fan then it’s worth a try.

Sorcha 💋

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