Simply Lippy Challenge Day 278 | Essence Matte Matte Matte Long Lasting Lip Gloss in Shade 08, The Big Chill

As budget brands go, essence is one that I haven’t used very much of. Some things I’ve tried from the brand haven’t been great, while others have really surprised me like today’s lipstick choice from their Matte, Matte, Matte range.

So far in my challenge, I have tried out two of their Shine, Shine, Shine glosses, and while I was liked both the formula and pigment, as a lip product they wouldn’t be my go-to choice. However, this matte offering today, definitely could become a go-to.

The pigment firstly, is very good giving a full opaque coverage to the lips when you apply it and the deep brown-rose shade is the perfect autumnal shade to get you through the next few months.

The consistency is quite thick but very blendable, and surprisingly, doesn’t drag or pull on application. The application itself is made so much easier with the short angled brush head which allows you to get a very even coverage too.

Aside from consistency, I couldn’t get over how well this stayed put on my lips today; it really held its own against some of my favourite matte formulas. Now, it’s not hydrating or moisturising so don’t be expecting any real creamy goodness, but it didn’t dry out my lips at all, and the vanilla scent was a welcome suprise also.

Everything about this lippy is pretty damn good when you consider the very budget friendly price point, and yet again I have been surprised by how good some budget lippies can be.


Because I was working today, I paired this with my very simple office makeup look, but it could also look amazing paired with a brown or warm smokey eye.

Have you tried any essence products? 

Sorcha 💋

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