Simply Lippy Challenge Day 286 | Illamasqua Lipstick in Shade Flare

Over the years, I’ve always heard such great things about Illamasqua as a brand, and so many of my blogger friends say it’s the one brand they wish was more readily available in Ireland. However, until today, I had never tried anything from the brand so naturally, was excited to try it out.

Unfortunately, the lipstick I chose didn’t live up to all the hype. I’m not sure if I got a dudd lipstick or not, but everything about this was just wrong for me and I’m so gutted.

The lipstick was very dry, so dry it was hard to apply or blend, and ended up going on in blotches as opposed to blending evenly. I had to layer this several times to get a full coverage and the bullet itself looks as though there are lumps in it which I’m sure shouldn’t be there. So maybe it was a bad batch that made it to the shelf.

I also had high hopes for the shade which I was thought would be a gorgeous bright orange, but instead what I got was something quite dull and a little non-descript. Certainly not the bright orange that I usually love to wear.

It didn’t dry out my lips but did nothing to make them feel smooth or soft, and I ended up taking it off early because I just didn’t like wearing it at all. 

The only real positives were the coverage and the staying power which was good, and it did take a bit of effort to actually get it off! Normally that would be a good complaint for me, but not today.

As first impressions go, I really haven’t had a good one, but I’ve a feeling that’s more down to a bad lippy rather than a reflection of the brand itself.

Sorcha đź’‹

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