Simply Lippy Challenge Day 288 | Sleek True Colour Matte Lipstick in Shade, Papaya Punch 

I first tried one of these matte lipsticks from Sleek back in June in a gorgeous pink shade, Heartbreaker, which I absolutely loved. But, not only did I love the shade, I also really liked the pigment and the formula, so I was excited to try it out in another shade today.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to wear it anywhere exciting as we were housebound for the day due to Storm Ophelia hitting Ireland. But, not even hurricane storm winds can get in the way of my lipstick challenge!

As I wasn’t doing much, I opted for a very natural makeup look; some foundation, blush and a lick of mascara all topped off with a pop of colour from this gorgeous coral lipstick.

The shade is very much my kind of shade; many of you will know how much I love corals if you’ve been following my challenge from the beginning, and I loved the colour of this one today.

The matte formula is a little dry when you first apply, but once you start blending, the creaminess starts to come through and gives a lovely opaque coverage to the lips. The pigment is bold and strong, and the colour pay off is excellent too.

One of the best things about this formula though is the staying power which is very good. I hardly needed to reapply at all during the day, despite snacking a lot, and it lasted very well regardless.

I can definitely see myself wearing these lipsticks a lot in the future, and am just glad this one lived up to expectations today.

Sorcha 💋

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