Review: Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara

A few weeks back, I was invited along to a makeup masterclass with Urban Decay, where they unveiled their latest wonder mascara; Troublemaker. As much as I totally love Urban Decay as a brand, I had actually never tried any of their mascaras so I was very excited when they gave us one as a gift to take home and try out for ourselves.

I’ve been using the mascara every day for the past three weeks and I honestly couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you all. I am loving it, and there are just so many reasons why…

First off, the packaging is a-ma-zing! The coloured prismatic tube is so much fun and very hard to resist the second you lay your eyes on it. But, what is really striking about this mascara is the brush, and that’s what makes all the difference for me.

The brush head is silicone with very fine needles, but each needle is a different length going from short to long on one side, and long to short on the other. Because of that, every single lash gets covered with formula to give incredible length. The brush needles separate the lashes to give a very fine coverage, and exactly the kind of coverage that I love in a mascara.

Everyone likes different things when it comes to mascara, for me, I always like something that gives me length and a bit of thickness because I have very short lashes, and am not a big fan of wearing false eyelashes. I didn’t find the volume as great as some of my all-time favourites, but it was still very good and felt very lightweight too.

One lash application
Two lash application

My pet peeve when it comes to any mascara is clumping and at the masterclass we were promised that one thing this mascara won’t do is clump, or leave little lumps of formula at the end of the eyelashes (I bloody hate when that happens). And hallelujah, they were right because I’ve had zero clumping with it and no smudging under the eye area either.

Before & After

The formula also contains a double black pigment giving a very dark intense colour to the lashes, and is infused with Vitamin E to keep your lashes nourished and in good condition too.

Before & After

Of the reviews I’ve read, some people are loving it and some are hating it, and it’s mainly coming down to how people feel about the brush head. So if you’re usually a fan of very bristly, thick brushes then this will definitely be a change from the norm and may not be to your preference. However, for me, it’s totally worth the spend at €23.50. 

Troublemaker is on counters in Debenhams stores and online now!

Sorcha x

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