Simply Lippy Challenge Day 290 | Kiko Jelly Stylo Gloss Lipstick in Shade 506, Cherry Red

Over the past few months I’ve tried and tested a few different Kiko lipsticks and overall, have quite liked them. As a budget brand, for me Kiko is one of the better ones out there and their lipsticks are pretty good considering their very reasonable price point.

Of the few that I’ve tried, I think today’s is maybe my least favourite. Now don’t get my wrong, it’s fine, but I just didn’t know if it was a balm, a lip gloss, or a lipstick really.

First off, the shade is a a cool toned red with a cherry undertone, which is nice and the pigment is very good for a high-shine gloss lipstick. But, as nice as the pigment is, the staying power isn’t good and I found myself having to reapply it over and over again throughout the day.

The formula itself is very light, so light that it feels like a balm, and it kind of just sits on your lips rather than blending or soaking in to them. That’s probably why each application doesn’t last very long either. Yet the finish being super high-shine, makes it feel slightly like a lip gloss too, especially as it’s oil based and doesn’t have the creaminess that a balm or lipstick would have.

As with all my lipstick posts, I only ever get to try each for one day so my posts are more first impressions really than reviews, and because of that, I hate to talk negatively about something without giving it a proper go. However, apart from the pigment, there’s not a whole lot else that would make me rush to try this again.

Sorcha 💋

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