Simply Lippy Challenge Day 295 | Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain in Shade E128, Pinky Promise

I’ve tried quite a few of these balm stain lip crayons from Wet n Wild over the duration of my challenge, and most of them I have quite liked. The last shade I tried, See If I Carrot, however disappointed me a little, and I’m kind of feeling the same way about today’s shade.

Firstly, I do have to say that as budget lip crayons go, these have a nice formula. They are quite creamy and glide on to the lips easily – part of the reason why I’m such a big fan of lip crayons in general.

Where it falls down a little for me though with today’s shade is on pigment. I’ve tried some shades in this range that have had excellent pigment like Rico Mauve for example which I loved, but this shade was just a little too frosty and not enough opaque for me.

I hugely dislike frosty finish lipsticks so really I should have guessed when I first looked at it that it might not be for me, but as you all know, I like to give everything a chance. Sadly it was not meant to be today.

The formula of this crayon has a shimmer element to it, and sometimes that can look great on, leaving more of a metallic finish that pops. However, for me, this one just looked like an old school frosty pink lip and I couldn’t bring myself to really like it at all.

I also noticed it didn’t have the same stain element that some of the other shades have, which given the name, was a bit disappointing also.

As the saying goes; you win some, you lose some, and unfortunately today, this was a losing one I’m afraid.

Sorcha 💋

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