Simply Lippy Challenge Day 299 | Penneys PS… Matte Lip Kit in Shade Riot

A few different shades of these matte lip kits were sent to me a few months ago by the lovely ladies in Penneys and I’ve really liked every shade I’ve tried so far. From very nude to rich red, there is a great colour range and this one today might just be one of my favourites.

It is a very bold purple berry shade so it’s not for the faint hearted, but I love a dramatic lip shade like this every so often and what better time to wear a purple lip than for a Friday night out.

I decided to pair it with a very dark smokey eye rather than the usual lick of eyeliner, and I loved the pop of colour that this gave to my makeup look.

The first step of applying this duo is lining the lip. As with the previous lip kits, I was surprised by how creamy the lip liner is which makes it very easy to apply. 

The formula of the lipstick itself is very wet when you first apply it, but it dries in quickly to leave a smooth matte finish with an intense pigment and great colour pay off.

If you’ve been following my challenge all year, you’ll know that Penneys lip products have continued to impress me and some of them have become my new favourites. I love the sultry look of this particular one and think it is a fab winter lip option if you’re a fan of a bold lip. 

Sorcha 💋

2 thoughts on “Simply Lippy Challenge Day 299 | Penneys PS… Matte Lip Kit in Shade Riot

  1. Onde vc conseguiu comprar aqui no Brasil? Eu ganhei um kit (na cor nude) de uma amiga que voltou recentemente de Portugal, estou apaixonada pela cor, maciez, e quero comprar mais cores.

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