Simply Lippy Challenge Day 302 | Essence Ultra Last Instant Colour Lipstick in Shade 08, Eternal Beauty

When it comes to essence products, for me their lipsticks really aren’t too bad for a budget brand. Of all that I’ve tried so far, I’ve been pretty impressed by most of them and some I would definitely wear again. But today’s shade, I think is my favourite of them all.

The shade itself is a very subtle rose, made all the more subtle by the slightly sheer cream-gloss finish. When I first applied it, I loved how it just glided on and blended in, and it had a nice smooth texture to it also.

It’s not thick or luxuriously creamy, but there is just enough moisturisation to make your lips feel soft while you wear it, and the pigment wasn’t bad for the finish either.

When it comes to staying power, I’ve definitely tried better; you aren’t going to get hours out of this lipstick. But actually, I kind of liked that because I was in the mood for something very soft and subtle, and this almost felt more like a tinted balm, albeit not as hydrating.

I think shades like this are perfect for when you want a carefree, natural makeup day and I think that’s what I liked most about this. It is pigmented enough to lift the lips, but understated and soft for a relaxed Sunday afternoon.

Have any of you tried Essence’ lippies? I’d love to hear what you think too!

Sorcha 💋

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