Simply Lippy Challenge Day 304 | Catrice Wild Matte Lip Colour in Shade C02, Lucy’s Red

It’s no secret how much I love Catrice as a brand, and I’m a huge fan of their lipsticks in particular. I spotted this one a few weeks back and I haven’t seen it before so I’m assuming it’s a new enough release.

The rose gold packaging was what first caught my attention, I do love a pretty lipstick bullet case and this is definitely pretty. 

The lipstick itself has a funny look about it, I couldn’t work out if it was a shimmer finish or an unusual texture but the lipstick seems almost coarse when you first look at it. Because of that I wasn’t sure how it would apply, but it actually was quite smooth and easy to blend.

While it had the gorgeous vanilla scent that most Catrice lipsticks have, it didn’t have the same creaminess, mainly because of its matte finish. In saying that, it still felt lovely to wear and wasn’t drying on the lips.

The shade is more raspberry than red which isn’t what I was expecting, but it has a lovely rich tone to it that I really like in a lipstick. I wouldn’t say the coverage was fully opaque, but it was hard to judge because my lips were particularly dry today, so it may have been stronger if it wasn’t for that.

Both the formula and colour wore pretty well throughout the day and didn’t crack or flake off my lips, but because of how dry there are at the moment, I did have to apply some balm on during the day. I’m definitely putting that down to me though and not the lipstick itself.

It’s not my favourite Catrice lippy that I’ve tried, they definitely have some nicer options like their ultimate colour range which I love. But the shade was nice and it was good to try out something different from them.

Sorcha 💋

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