Simply Lippy Challenge Day 314 | NYX Butter Lipstick in Shade BLS30, Tan Lines

Of all the lipstick ranges that NYX have, the Butter Lipstick range quickly became my favourite of the brand this year. I’d never tried any NYX lipsticks before my challenge, but I’m so glad I’ve discovered them as the majority of them are very nice to wear.

The butter lipsticks are incredibly creamy, and today’s shade is a rich caramel shade. I was heading out tonight and went for a dramatic bronze smokey eye look, and therefore wanted to pair it with an earthy, warm tone lipstick. And this was the perfect accompaniment.

The pigment is rich with good colour pay off, and though the shade isn’t particularly dark, it has a lovely tone to it. The creamy texture makes it very easy to blend, and the finish is lovely and smooth too.

The finish is what I would describe as a satin gloss; there is a slight shine to it when you apply it but it isn’t sheer which is one of the things I like most about it.

Because of the finish, the staying power isn’t amazing. It will last a while on the lips, but after eating or drinking you do need to reapply it. Having said that, it’s much better than some other satin finish lipsticks and it feels lovely and smooth to wear too.

The shade is so versatile as it’s perfect for either a day or night time look, and I can see this being a go-to for me over and over again in the future.

Have you tried NYX lippies? If so, what’s your favorite? Send on some recommendations that I can add to my list!

Sorcha 💋

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